The Midnight Sun and Northern Sweden

                        The Midnight Sun in Northern Sweden

Northern Sweden is famous for the "Midnight Sun" which is an unbroken 24 period of sunlight that occurs during the summer months. Swedish Lapland is where you'll find the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights. The Sami people who live in this region of Sweden are the original Swedes whose roots trace back to the Ice Age.

Northern Sweden is a land of vast wilderness and extraordinary beauty. Abisko National Park spreads over 77 kilometers of land and offers great summer hiking. Lulea the capital of Swedish Lapland is a city with an international feel. Near the city of Lulea is Gammelstad Church Town (A Unesco World Heritage Site). A 15 century stone church is surrounded by red painted houses with white doors and windows. These houses were once used to accommodate Sunday worshippers who travelled from far distance in the countryside and couldn't return home the same day. 

June, July, and August are especially good months to visit Northern Sweden for the longer days and warmer weather.
                       Gammelstad Church Town


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