France in February Day 1, 2, & 3 (Paris)

                                      F   R  A  N  C  E

                          Romance in Paris

It's February and when it comes to romance there's no better place to be than the fabulous city of Paris in the fabulous country of France.

Oh...wonderful Paris where savory crepes can be eaten at any time of day and a cup of cafe au lait is oh so good. Paris where fashion makes a statement and Chanel is a household word. Paris where the Mona Lisa hangs beautifully within the walls of the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower captivates viewers from all angles.

Once you arrive at Charles De Gaulle airport in France the city of Paris is yours for the exploring and what a perfect city to explore. Paris is absolutely magical at all times of the year and in February the heart grows fonder with a loved one.

Having been to Paris a few times in my life I'd like to make some suggestions on how to make your visit ever so special and memorable.

Begin Day 1 at the Right Bank with divine tasting
croissants at La Patisserie by Cyril Lignac at 24
Rue Paul Bert (11th). 

                            Parisian Croissants

If you're bold enough you can ask the staff for a peek of the kitchen where you can witness genuine French baking at its best.

After breakfast head to the Louvre Museum. Established in 1793 the Louvre Museum opens its doors to 8 million annual visitors per year.
Located at 75001 Paris France Musee du Louvre (Louvre Museum) contains over 38,000 objects and displays 35,000 works of art including Leonardo da

Vinci's famous Mona Lisa painting. Hours for the Louvre Museum are as follows:

Monday: 9am-6pm
       Tuesday: closed
       Wednesday: 9am-9:45pm
       Thursday 9am-6pm
       Friday 9am-9:45pm
       Saturday 9am-6pm
       Sunday 9am-6pm

In the evening the opera district is thronged with elegantly dressed locals and tourists. This is the
theater hub and the place to book seats at the splendid Opera -Garnier for ballet and opera performances. The architecure of Opera-Garnier is
an attraction in itself.

The nearby Le Grand Cafe Capucines, 4 Boulevard
des Capucines serves sumptious food in a cozy setting. Open 24/7 this restaurant buzzes with food
enthusiasts who enjoy specialties such as foie gras,
fresh seafood platters, steak tartare and potatoes.
You can end your meal on a high note with
the delicious creme brulee served with vanilla Bourbon.

On Day 2 feast your eyes on the best loved monument in Paris known as "Eiffel Tower."The Eiffel Tower was built for the Exposition Universelle of 1889. The tower weighs about 7,000 tons. The views from the third platform on a clear day can reach over 60 kilometers. I recommend seeing the Eiffel Tower both day and night.

In the evening the tower is illuminated with lights and one hour before sunset is the perfect time to appreciate the views of Paris and the suburbs.

In the winter ice skating can be enjoyed on the first level of the Eiffel Tower. Afterwards sip on some hot
chocolate at the ever popular Angelina 226 Rue de Rivoli, 75001.

In the heart of Paris is the Cathedrale Notre Dame. It is a masterpiece work of art and loved by the French people. Some of the highlights to view while inside the cathedral are the rose shaped window, Joan of Arc statue, Thomas Aquinas painting, and the glass-walled confessional room.
In the evening choose a romantic dinner for a Valentines celebration. It's best to make reservations
way ahead for certain Parisian restaurants. One of the
most opulent restaurants in Paris is Alain Ducasse at
Plaza Athenee 25 Avenue Montaigne 75008. Dining here is a big splurge and patrons are treated like royalty by the staff. 

On Day 3 visit Fauchon for a cup of tea and tasty chocolates, madeleines, and macarons. The choices at Fauchon can leave you in a frenzy but don't worry there's plenty of packaged goods to purchase for enjoyment later in the day or to take back to family and friends once you leave Paris. Fauchon is located at 30 Place de la Madeleine.

Tour the Left Bank of Paris enjoying areas like The Islands, Latin Quarter, Saint-Germaine & Luxembourg
as well as the Montparnasse District. All this touring will make you yearn for some relaxation and what better place to be than a local Parisian bistro sipping on a glass of wine from the Bordeaux region of fabulous France.

What's in store for Day 4 in Paris? How about a visit to the royal palace of VERSAILLES?

(To be continued)

Adrianna, Travel World


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