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The Ancient World of Egypt

                   An Egyptian Experience

        E  G  Y  P  T

Extraordinary Ecuador

South America's (Ecuador)
My friend Sylvia who I worked with in New York City was from Ecuador. She often spoke of her native country and how incredibly beautiful it was.
After spending a few weeks in bio diverse Ecuador I fell
in love with the country and thank my friend Sylvia for
encouraging me to visit Ecuador.
The Ecuadorians have every right to be proud of their small country because although it's small in size it delivers big on its amazing wonders. Mega diverse ECUADOR rewards tourists with scenery that's absolutely priceless.
The Galapagos Islands provide everyone with a "WOW" experience. Formed over 5 million years ago by volcanic eruptions the Galapagos Islands offer the best wildlife viewing in the world. When Charles Darwin spent time in the Galapagos islands his observations contributed to the theory of evolution by natural selection.
Thousands of tourists flock to the Galapagos Islands these days and explore this fascinating region of the wo…

Ethiopia (The horn of Africa)

Capital: Addis Abada

Africa is a diverse continent with amazing topography and many beautiful and unique countries to visit. Known as the horn of
Africa, Ethiopia is a poor country but there's a lot to see and
learn when in ETHIOPIA!

Africa's Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa

Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and one of the oldest in the world

The population of Ethiopia is about 91,000,000 (It's the 27th largest country in the world)

The Ge-ez script (Ethiopic) is still one of the oldest alphabets used in Africa

There are approximately 31 species of mammals in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a major coffee producer

The Ethiopian cuisine consists of vegetable and spicy meat dishes

Injera is a spongy flatbread and a staple of Ethiopia

Ethiopians eat meals with their bare hands

Sadly every 30 seconds a child dies of malaria in Ethiopia and various organizations are trying to prevent this from happening. 

The regions of Ethiopia consist of Addis Abeda, Afar, A…

Checking out the Czech Republic

CZECH                                                       REPUBLIC
Czech Republic's most popular beer!

With an array of breweries,castles, market squares, historical towns and old world charm it's no wonder the Czech Republic is the most visited country in Eastern Europe.

My time spent living and working in Austria for a number of months enabled me to spend a few days checking out the Czech Republic.

The number one tourist attraction in all of Czech Republic is the
city of Prague. Tourists arrive here in the droves to check out all the amazing sights in Prague and to drink the beer. It just happens to be that the Czech's consume more beer than any other
country in the world and beer making is a serious business in the
Czech Republic.

So let me begin with Prague (Praha). If you have a few days or a week to spend in Praha go straight to the Charles Bridge. This famous bridge is busy at all times of the day and into the evening hours with everyone from artists to musicians displ…

Coasting Through Costa Rica

Adrianna with Costa Rican Children

C O S T A   R I C A

Coffee plantations, jungles, rainforests, surfing, volcanos, white water rafting are just some of the things associated with Costa Rica. Because of it's great weather, outdoor activities, delicious food, friendly people and affordable prices Costa Rica now attracts everyone from honeymooners to students on spring break.

From yoga reterats to resorts, jungle huts to camping Costa Rica's diversity fits the needs of traverlers to the fullest. Most people fly into San Jose the hub of  Costa Rica and from there the world of Costa Rica awaits those seeking a vacation they'll long remember.

Start your trip in Costa Rica with a cup of coffee. Having toured some of the coffee plantations in Costa Rica I learned a lot about how coffee beans are grown and the work involved in producing one of the world's most popular drinks. Costa Ricans enjoy their coffee and so do visitors who find that a day just isn't complete without a c…

O Canada (Alberta)

A L B E R T A           A L B E R T A

The Prince of Wales Hotel is a stunner and a relaxing place for afternoon tea.

When I lost my job in New York City I couldn't stop thinking about Montana. I had worked at Glacier National Park in Montana during my college years and now unemployed I was yearning for the awesome Rockies and so I did it, I left New York City and headed to Montana to work at Many Glacier Hotel in Montana on the border of Alberta, Canada and that's how I got to know a bit about Alberta.



Waterton Lakes National Park in the southwestern corner of Alberta (close to Montana) has lots of hiking trails and wildlife. The Prince of Wales Hotel is a must for a taste of England. They serve an excellent afternoon tea. Enjoy the views of Waterton lake while sipping on tea and eating luscious pastries served by an impeccable staff.

The town of Waterton is very charming. There's camping here as well as shops and restaurants and yo…

O Canada (Prince Edward Island)



When I was 13 years old my mother introduced me to the book "Anne of Green Gables." I read it from cover to cover five times and still have a vivid memory of Anne with her red braids holding a travel bag on the book cover.
Adrianna's Favorite Childhood Book

Seventeen years later when I was 30 my boyfriend took me to PEI (Prince Edward Island) for a week in early July. I could write a book myself about that majestic island that captured my heart as it did the readers of "Anne of Green Gables." Prince Edward Island really is a special place.

The summer months are an ideal time to visit Prince Edward Island for a number of reasons:

1) The days are long and warm.  2) The whole island is lush and verdant with an orange hue of potato patches scattered through the open fields.  3) The beaches are lovely and the Atlantic Ocean waters are warm enough for a swim.  4) There's some great places to camp and…

O Canada (Quebec)



I hope all of you have a wonderful new year of 2013 filled with health and happiness.

Yesterday I went cross country skiing in a lovely park in East Dearborn, Michigan and as I glided through the snow I couldn't help but think about the province of Quebec in Canada which at this time of year is a winter wonderland. 

French speaking Quebec has a European feel to it. This is where Canadians engage in French as they indulge in their freshly made croissants, marvel at their magnificent cities and ski to their hearts content. 

Bonjour Quebec!

When I lived and worked in New York City and Vermont it wasn't that difficult to get to Quebec so I was delighted that I had a chance to explore this area a few times.
One of my favorite places in Quebec is the Laurentian Mountains region. These mountains are some of the oldest in the world and just a few days immersed in them will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

One of my favorite places is the Sivan…