Bali, a winning tourist destination

BALI, Indonesia has been named the #1 tourist destination by TripAdvisor for 2017. When you're seeking inner peace, relaxation, and the ultimate yoga retreat BALI is the answer. 

Blooming Lotus 
Kura Kura Yoga Retreat
Yoga Barn

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Emerald Green Ireland (the land of cheese, pubs, and sheep)

I love IRELAND. I fell in love with the Emerald Green Island the moment I exited Shannon Airport. How fortunate I was to meet an Irish couple on the Air Lingus flight from New York City. They were heading to Killarney just like I was and they gave me a ride in their vehicle. We drove through the lush, verdant countryside and past picture perfect towns and villages each with a pub of course. I never saw so many sheep and I lost count of them halfway to Killarney. Once in Killarney the three of us enjoyed a meal with a pint of Guinness at a cozy pub. What a lovely start to my Ireland adventure.

IRELAND, is an island on the Atlantic Ocean with so much to offer. It's the land of cheese, shamrocks and leprechauns, saints and writers, lakes and meadows, pub crawlers and musicians,  farmers and fisherman, cities and countryside, narrow roads with sheep, cows and horses grazing grass, butter and soda bread, biscuits with a cups of tea, and much more. Ireland is a friendly place and while you're visiting you might just find a pot of gold and decide to stay.

The #1 Tourist Attraction


Pub is a short name for public house
The pub is a relaxing place to consume alcohol and mingle with friends
A pub is where you can become friends with a complete stranger
Irish pubs have some incredibly talented bands
Musicians who play instruments and sing display their talents in a pub
Musical entertainment is the highlight of hanging out in a pub
Pubs come in different colors, shapes, and sizes
Some of the best writers have been inspired inside Irish pubs
A pub is a wonderful place to feel at home
The best stouts and whiskeys in the world are made in Ireland 
You'll find plenty of stouts and whiskeys in an Irish pub
There are about 8,000 pubs in Ireland

It just goes to show that life inside an Irish pub is filled with good times and great opportunities.When in Ireland make it a priority to spend some time at a pub. Perhaps you'll never want to leave Ireland.

There are so many things to see and do in Ireland and the best way to get around is to hire/rent a vehicle and explore Ireland inch by inch.Since Killarney was my the first place I spent time at during my very first visit to Ireland I hold a special place for Killarney in my heart. Killarney is filled with attractions and from Killarney you can tour the Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry.

KILLARNEY is a must stop on your Ireland adventure. Killarney National Park is a treasure! Visit Killarney, Ireland
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Heading to Iceland?


Iceland is "hot" not in temperature but in popularity. Iceland has recently become the go to destination for travelers wanting to experience the safest country in the world. Iceland is indeed a hot destination spot for 2017 and beyond. There are lots of unique things about Iceland and one of them is that the majority of Icelanders don't have a family name or surname. In Iceland children take on their father's name. Heading to Iceland soon? ICELANDAIR Airlines has recently started offering a free stopover in Iceland for up to seven days. When flying across the Atlantic Ocean you can spend a week in Iceland checking out the sights before flying to other countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or France. 
            The Blue Lagoon is one of the 25 wonders of the world.

Covered by ice glaciers that are up to 1,000m thick, Iceland also has over 20 active volcano's. The landscape is quite diverse; beaches, national parks, nature reserves, remote farms, and waterfalls are some of the treasures to enjoy. One of Iceland's top attractions is geothermal water known as the Blue Lagoon. One of the 25 wonders of the world, the Blue Lagoon is composed of algae, minerals, and silica. There are 9 million liters of water in the lagoon. The sun is what makes the Blue Lagoon look so blue. Visitors to Iceland dream of seeing the Northern Lights and although the Northern Lights are active all year they can only be seen in darkness when the skies are clear. 

There are lots of horses and sheep in Iceland and from April to September puffins make Iceland their home. In Iceland all education is free of charge. Icelandic is the national language of Iceland but English is the second language. Icelanders enjoy eating dried fish, hot dogs, lamb and skyr a yogurt like white cheese. There's no shortage of fresh fish in Iceland. Be certain to add ICELAND to your bucket list of places to travel. With so much to see ICELAND is the go to country right now.

Icelanders love their Skyr

Reykjavik (The main hub) for flying in and out of Iceland. This glimmering city of lights has the biggest concentration of museums, shops, and restaurants. You can also begin many tours in Reykjavik.

                  Reykjavik is one of Iceland's top attractions

Reykjavik is a good place to begin your journey. It's a vibrant city.

Accommodations at Blue Lagoon:
Silica Hotel

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Province;Quebec (North America's France)

                                   Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
If you live on the North American continent and are yearning for a taste of France without the jet lag you'll find it in the beautiful province of Quebec in Canada. Quebec is a French speaking province with much to see and do. There's the exciting international city of Montreal, the peaceful Laurentian Mountains which are considered some of the oldest mountains in the world, Ile d' Orleans with its idyllic charm and Quebec City one of the oldest settlements in North America. Saguenay Fjord National Park is a gem as are many other national parks throughout Quebec.

Summer is a splendid time to visit the province of Quebec when the days are sunny and long but
the fall season has its own perks with the brilliant colorful foliage that brighten the already spectacular scenery and the crisp fresh air that makes one wish for fresh picked apples at one of the many farm orchards.

Quebec is a very large province and it happens to be the largest of Canada's ten provinces. It's a long trip from the south to the north of Quebec and vice versa. A good starting point for a tour of Quebec is the city of Quebec. With an array of lodging from quaint bed and breakfasts to roadside hotels to the iconic "Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac Hotel"finding a place of your choice is easy with advance or last minute booking through websites like booking. com.

                              Spending time in Old Town Quebec is mesmerizing.

Old Quebec is the only walled city north of Mexico and the Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage site. The narrow cobblestone streets clustered with 17th and 18th century houses are a delight to the eyes. Horse drawn carriages are available for an authentic sightseeing experience. Try to visit as many sights as possible; Artillery Park,  Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, La Citadelle, Musee de la Civilisation, Petite-Champlain District with its boutiques and cafes, and Terrace Dufferin. Sailing on the Saint Lawrence River with Quebec City Historic Discoverers Cruise is a great option.

                                            It feels like France in Quebec City.

Embrace the charms of Quebec City and linger for as long as you can in a region of Canada that feels so much like Europe. Enjoy the street performances by talented acrobats and musicians, 
sip a cappuccino at an outdoor cafe, take a French class, tour a chocolate factory, explore Plains of Abraham "The Battlefield Park" a large urban park, and don't miss the spectacular Montmorency
Falls Park


    Dining in Quebec City:

*Aux Anciens Canadiens is located in a historic home and serves traditional Quebec fare.
34 Rue Saint-Louis 

*Le Saint-Amour is an artful and exquisite French restaurant and one of Canada's top rated restaurants for dining and fine wines.
  48 Saint-Ursule Street

*Les Trois Garcons Bistro is popular for gourmet burgers and pommes frites. 
1084 Rue Saint-Jean

*Le Billig Bistro with its cozy atmosphere is perfect for authentic French crepes.

481 Rue Saint-Jean

*Pub St-Alexandre is a traditional English tavern specializing in fish and chips.

1087 Rue Saint -Jean
                                       Fairmount Le Chateau Frontenac is a historic hotel.


Named after Louis du Buade, a French governor, Fairmount Le Chateau Frontenac Hotel was originally designed as a railway travel stopover. Built in the 19th century by Canadian Pacific Railway manager William Van Horne with the help of New York architect Bruce Price this iconic hotel represents the style of the "Middle Ages" Since its1893 opening many distinguished and famous guests have stayed at the castle like hotel.
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Midsommar (Midsummer) in Sweden

The Swedes most favorite holiday is Midsommar. (Midsummer).  It's a huge deal all around Sweden to gather outdoors and celebrate the longest day of the year when the darkness of night is replaced by twilight. This year Swedish Midsummer was held on Friday the 24th of June.

The countryside is often the preferred place for Swedes to celebrate because of the tranquility and array of wildflowers but parks and town squares are also popular spots to celebrate Midsummer. It's a tradition for Swedish women and men to wear floral crowns for Midsummer while they enjoy dancing, drinking, feasting, and singing on "summer solstice."

A popular drink for Swedish Midsummer is the "elderflower cordial cocktail. 

 Elderflower Cordial Cocktail:

Take 2 parts Bourbon, 1/2 part St. Germain, and 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters. Stir the ingredients in a glass and top with orange twist. 

June is a perfect time to visit Sweden when the days are extra long for exploring this beautiful Scandinavian country.

                                      Adrianna wearing her flower crown in Sweden                                  

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Cornwall, England...The Southwest Jewel

England is famous for The Queen and Royal Family, for Shakespeare, London, the countryside,
biscuits, crumpets, and tea, fish &chips, black cabs, driving on the left, Aston Martin, Big Ben, Harrods, the Beatles, Harry Potter, James Bond, cricket, Cambridge and Oxford could carry on about the wonders of England.

On the southwest peninsula of the island of England lies "Cornwall" famous for being the birthplace of pasties. The "cornish pasty" a culinary heritage evolved in the 18th century when wives of Cornish tin miners prepared this simple meal made of a short crust pastry and filled with beef, potatoes, onions, and swede for their husbands who worked hard in the dark and damp mines.

                                         Cornish Pasties are famous in Cornwall

Today with its mind temperatures, lovely scenery, and relaxing seaside resorts Cornwall is a splendid vacation spot for those living in or visiting the United Kingdom. Popular places to enjoy in the Cornwall region are Bude, Falmouth, Newquay, Penzance, Perranporth, St Ives, and Truro. 

Be certain to enjoy an authentic crimped "Cornish Pasty" when in Cornwall.

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Reflecting on Nature in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park: VIETNAM

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam is designated a Unesco Heritage Site as of 2003. This national park contains the oldest Karst mountains in Asia and over 800 vertebrate species. Composed of 300 caves and grottos, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a recreational outdoor paradise where reflecting on nature is what to do

Explore and reflect at the Botanic Garden, Hang Toi, Hang Va, Paradise Cove, Tu Lan Cave and much more. 

Where to stay:

Phong Nha Farm Stay 

Phong Nha Mountain House 

Where to eat:  
Bamboo Cafe
Tuan Ngoc Restaurant 
Vung Hue
Wild Boar Eco Farm 

What to Do:

Vietnam is world famous for it's creative and delicious cuisine. A popular beverage in Vietnam is the Sinh to Bo (Avocado Shake)

Sinh to Bo (Avocado Shake)

Blend together 1 cup of ice cubes, 1 ripe and scooped avocado, 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup condensed
milk. Blend at high speed until smooth.

Stir before pouring into small glasses.

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