Jul 16, 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark; A city where life is enjoyed!

Copenhagen, with it's cobblestone streets and 17th century buildings is a bike friendly, cultural, sophisticated city that feels like the pages of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Denmark is the happiest country in the world and vibrant Copenhagen is a marvelous place to start your visit. Originally a Viking fishing village founded in the 10th century, today Copenhagen has a population of roughly 775,033. Copenhagen is situated on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand. Although the public transportation system in Copenhagen is top notch, biking and walking around the city keeps you in shape and more connected to the sights. You can take a tour with Copenhagen Bike Adentures or Copenhagen Free Walking Tours.

1.4 million kilometers are cycled on an average weekday in COPENHAGEN.

                                     Nyhavn is one of Copenhagen's top attractions!

First stop, TIVOLI GARDENS, the second oldest amusement park in the world which opened its gates on August 15, 1843. Situated on 20 acres TIVOLI GARDENS has beautiful scenery, lush gardens, nostalgic rides, and at night thousands of colored lights. Don't miss a ride on the wooden roller coaster. Admission: 110.00-120.00 DKK. Try booking a room at the TIVOLI HOTEL.


Second stop, THE LITTLE MERMAID, this bronze statue created by Edvard Eriksen is displayed on a rock by the waterside at Langelinie Promenade. One of the most photographed spots in all of Denmark.

Third Stop, AMALIENBORG PALACE; Denmark has the oldest monarchy in Europe. The royal family still resides in Amalienborg Palace and there's lot of history here.Visitors enjoy watching the
changing of the guards daily at 12 noon. Admission: 95.00 DKK

Fourth Stop, NYHAVN, this is a commercial port with ships. The old houses overlooking the canal are picture perfect. NYHAVN is a gathering place for food, drink, and music. Bridge Street Kitchen is a popular place to dine. Famours Hans Christian Andersen lived in NYHAVN and wrote his first fairy tales in NYHAVN.

Fifth Stop, FREETOWN CHRISTIANIA is an alternative neighborhood that's quite unique. It's open to the public who come here for the art galleries, music venues affordable organic eateries, and nature setting.

Sixth Stop, NATIONAL MUSEUM OF DENMARK for a variety of exhibitions, a popular museum enjoyed by people of all ages.

Although it's difficult to leave Copenhagen because of it's allure and charm there are a few places for exursions that are worth seeing. DRAGER is small and quaint with a delightful main street and lovely harbour. In Skagen enjoy a beach day on beautiful white sand beaches. This is where the Baltic & North Sea meet.

Sweden anyone? Thanks to the opening of the Oresund Bridge in the year 2000 a short 35 minute train ride will take you to Malmo, Sweden. After a day in Malmo you can return back to Copenhagen and keep exploring one of Europe's favorite cities.

Copenhagen, Denmark!

Jul 9, 2018

All the world's a stage in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

I absolutely adore the theatre so it's only fitting that I spent my birthday in lovely Stratford, Ontario.

                                                   At the Stratford Festival, loving theater!

All the world's a stage in this beautiful town with an idyllic setting that beckons to all, including William Shakespeare if he were still alive. It's especially alluring from April to October when the Stratford Festival presents play after play and audiences sit back and marvel at the actors and actresses performances. Stratford has an Avon River, it also has the Shakepearean Gardens, and sidewalks meant for walking. It's one of Canada's best places to live and it's one of Canada's best places to visit.

Lodging abounds in Stratford and an authentic way to feel at home is to stay at a bed and breakfast. You can easily walk to the theaters and most of the shops and restaurants are centered around the downtown which makes exploring this lovely city very easy. See a play, have afternoon tea, enjoy a glass of wine, take a river cruise on the Avon River, go shopping, picnic in the Shakespearean Gardens, or check out the nearby farms. There's even buses and trains that take you directly to Toronto from Stratford.

Stratford; beautiful, cultural, stimulating, wholesome, & Shakeperean!

                              Koch Haus Bed & Breakfast

Stratford Festival


Stratford and Area Bed & Breakfast Association

Shakespearean Gardens 
5 Huron Street
A tranquil setting with lush gardens and the flowing Avon River. Here you'll find a footbridge, a gazebo, and a statue of none other than William Shakepeare.

                                                     William Shakespeare

Stratford Perth Museum
4275 Huron Street
A historical museum with interesting exhibits.

Upper Queen's Park, Stratford
55 Queen Street
Home to Ontario's Parliment building as well as several historic monuments.

Stratford has food to please all palates; from diners to pubs to French, Indian, and Thai cuisine. Other options to eat are supermarkets. My favorite is 
Sobey's at 581 Huron Street.

                               A satisfying breakfast

Authentic Indian Food at RAJA

                     The Music Man, April 17- November 3 at Festival Theater

AUSTRIA; Ever-So-Wunderbar

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