Feb 19, 2018

Beautiful Bermuda without the Triangle!

My visit to Bermuda was short but those five days spent there with my sweet Mother are still so vivid. We chose to go in March because the price for airfare and lodging was amazingly cheap. This wouldn't have been the case during the busy tourist months from May to September. It wasn't swimming weather but we could still enjoy the pink sandy beaches and breath the salty air from the Atlantic waters.

BERMUDA is a British territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. With subtropical temperatures it's free of snow and frigid temperatures. The land of Bermuda is divided into nine parishes. A lot of attractions are centered around the capital city of Hamilton which is a small vibrant city. Front Street is lined with shops and restaurants. Some worthy attractions in Hamilton are the Bank of Bermuda, Fort Hamilton, and Queen Elizabeth Park. St. George on the Eastern end of Bermuda with it's narrow lanes and quaint atmosphere has King's Square. This section of Bermuda has the Tucker House Museum and the Royal Navy Dockyard.

My Mother and I like to keep things simple so we stayed at the Granaway Guest House & Cottages owned by Carol & Michael Ashton. The homey atmosphere made our stay pleasant and I recommend staying in the "Rose Room." A continental breakfast is served here usually muffins, fruit, coffee, and tea. There's a swimming pool on the property and lush gardens. We even got to see an authentic Bermudian home owned by a famous couple just a short five minute walk away. We walked and took the bus to many attractions. Close to Granaway Guest House & Cottages is the Belmont Ferry, Elbow Beach, and Horseshoe Bay.

Beaches? Oh yes Bermuda has plenty of them. The iconic Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the most photographed spots in Bermuda. It gets touristy and crowded but in the warm months from May to September there's a lifeguard on duty. Locals head to Cooper's Island Nature Reserve. It's a gem of a place with beauty and serenity.

In Bermuda you'll see lots of men wearing shorts. Yes those Bermuda shorts are the national dress for men. They are worn three inches above the knee. Bermudian men wear "Bermuda shorts" for all occasions; business attire, informal evening wear, walking out wear. An average pair of Bermuda shorts costs about $55.00.

When the day arrived to leave Bermuda my Mother and I were sad to go but the universe worked out a surprise. We were already on the plane bound for New York City when the captain announced that the plane was overbooked and that they desperately needed empty seats to accommodate a group of school children. My Mother and I gave up our two seats and as a reward we were given a complimentary night at the lovely Grotto Bay Beach Resort plus $1,000 vouchers for a future flight with the airline.

The Grotto Bay Beach Resort is sheer luxury. It's an all inclusive resort that sits on 21 acres. They have a pink sandy beach, a cave spa, woodland preserves, a pool, three restaurants, tennis courts.....
lots of amenities.

With a population of only 61,170 people Bermuda has a calm feeling...(Keep Calm and Carry On)
Bermuda is the perfect vacation destination. A North Atlantic Island with British style.

Afternoon Tea in Bermuda:

A British tradition at Sweet P's located in the Bermuda Perfumery:
Stewart Hall 5, Queen Street, St. Georges,

Places to stay:

Fairmount Southampton
101 South Shore Road, Southampton

Granaway Guest House & Cottages
One Longford Road, Warwick, Long Bay

Grotto Bay Beach Resort
11 Blue Hole Hill, Hamilton Parish

Royal Palm Hotel
24 Rosemont Avenue, Pembroke

Food in Bermuda is expensive. Shopping for groceries and having a meal at the beach or in a park is a fun thing to do:


Lido's Family Foods
Miles Market
Market Place

Restaurants in Hamilton:

Art Mel's Spicy Dicy has fresh local caught fish. The fried fish sandwich is quite good.

Hog Penny is a local favorite pub for comfort food. Try the Bermuda Fish Chowder!

House of India is an authentic Indian restaurant with a buffet.

Nanna's Kitchen has a variety of food choices. My Mother and I liked the salad, soup and banana bread.

Bermuda Interesting Fact:

The only source of fresh water in Bermuda is from the rainfall.

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