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Beautiful Bermuda without the Triangle!

My visit to Bermuda was short but those five days spent there with my sweet Mother are still so vivid. We chose to go in March because the price for airfare and lodging was amazingly cheap. This wouldn't have been the case during the busy tourist months from May to September. It wasn't swimming weather but we could still enjoy the pink sandy beaches and breath the salty air from the Atlantic waters.

BERMUDA is a British territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. With subtropical temperatures it's free of snow and frigid temperatures. The land of Bermuda is divided into nine parishes. A lot of attractions are centered around the capital city of Hamilton which is a small vibrant city. Front Street is lined with shops and restaurants. Some worthy attractions in Hamilton are the Bank of Bermuda, Fort Hamilton, and Queen Elizabeth Park. St. George on the Eastern end of Bermuda with it's narrow lanes and quaint atmosphere has King's Square. This section of Bermuda has the Tu…