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Spa Break in Sweden

I've been enchanted with Sweden for many years so my dream came true when earlier this month I spent a few days in beautiful southern Sweden. My journey through Scandinavia was one of much sightseeing and walking.  I rarely gave myself time to take a breather until I checked into an Airbnb in Malmo. The small and charming Swedish cottage that I rented was the perfect place for a mini spa getaway. Inside the cottage was an equipped kitchen to prepare simple healthy meals, candles for burning since the days were so short in mid November and a traditional Swedish sauna next to the bathroom. A short walk away was Ribersborgs Kallbadhus, Malmo's best spa located on the sea.  I admire the Scandinavians love for the sauna and wish more countries around the world knew just how beneficial a hot sauna is.  Exposure to dry heat in the controlled environment of a sauna for a limited period of time 1) increases circulation 2) reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease 3) helps with weight…

A Yoga Vacation in Paradise; BAHAMAS

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat is located across the bay from Nassau!
One of the best vacations you can take is at SIVANANDA ASHRAM YOGA RETREAT
on Paradise Island, Bahamas because it will
melt your stresses away and provide renewal. I wish I could be there this very moment.There's simplicity here and it draws people constantly. Paradise Island has its share of luxurious lodging like the royal 4 star Atlantis Hotel but if you're yearning for tranquility and spirituality then the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat is a must.This ashram situated on turquoise Atlantic waters and surrounded by tropical gardens offers concerts, lectures, teacher's training, and workhops throughout the year and one of their most popular programs is the YOGA VACATION PROGRAM.

You arrive at the ashram and immediately experience bliss and calmness Accommodations are plentiful. There are beachfront deluxe suites, beach huts, a dormitary, garden rooms, tent huts, tent space, whatever fits your budget or needs.…

A Thrilling Trio; Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, and Holland, Pure Michigan

If you live on the western side of the state of Michigan and need a quick getaway consider the trio cities of Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, and Holland; big city meets Dutchland, and a coastal town like none other.

A carefree summer with lots of travel? Not this summer. In fact this entire year I've failed to even leave the state with the exception of a few days in versatile Canada. Frustrated? Oh yes, I'm a traveler by trade so not being able to travel this year has been quite frustrating. Sometimes we have to create a trip not far from our own backyard just like George Bailey did in the iconic film "It's a Wonderful Life." With summer flying by as fast as an airplane I dreamed of a getaway. I interrupted my overwhelmed boss one afternoon and asked if I could have two consecutive days off in late August. She honored my request and I created an itinerary for my boyfriend and myself which took us on a journey to Grand Haven, Holland, and Grand Rapids.

Grand Haven; A Co…

Vegan Fudge on Mackinac Island!

Mackinac Island is famous for fudge and no trip to this lovely,magical island is complete without sampling and purchasing some fudge. I only live a couple of hours from Mackinac Island so naturally it's not difficiult for me to visit from time to time.On my last visit I was so impressed to see that fudge shops are now making vegan fudge that I decided to start making my own vegan fudge. 

Craving fudge? This recipe is so easy to make that your family and friends will think this fudge came right from beautiful Mackinac Island.

Vegan Chocolate Fudge:                      

1 can of coconut milk (13.5 ounces)
1/2 cup confectioner's sugar
3 cups of quality dark dairy free chocolate chips
1 cup of pecans or walnuts (optional)

1. Line a 8 by 8 inch square pan with parchment paper with an overhang on all sides.

2. Place the can of coconut milk in a sauce pan (If there's too much liquid be certain to drain some of it otherwise the fudge mixture won't thicken). Cook over medium heat on y…

Find a Hammock & Rest!

Walking through the woods on a sunny August afternoon, I met an empty hammock hanging on two trees. Do I dare get on the hammock? Why not? The allure of traveling is that you never know who or what you'll encounter. For two hours I rested on the hammock, with the lush trees above and beside me. A view of a sparkling lake just a few yards away and nobody in sight except for me and the hammock. Alas, two hours later a few people passed me by and I asked one of them to take a picture so that I could hold a vivid memory of those carefree and relaxing two hours on a hammock that was left alone in the woods for me to enjoy.

Travelling can be exhausting; so go ahead and rest on a hammock.


It began about 1,000 years ago in Central America by the Mayan Indians. They used their extraordinary skills and designed a hammock. Original hammocks were woven from the bark of the Hamak tree. The Indian nations of Central and South America had an extenstive trade route and word spread q…

Land of Netherlands!

GO DUTCH and experience a country filled with unique attractions and landscapes; open fields with tulip bulbs and windmills, picturesque canals, bicycle trails, cheese markets, fishing villages, one of a kind city's all here, a small country with big opportunties.

It has two names; Holland and Netherlands

The official name of the country is the Kingdom of Netherlands. Holland is actually the two provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. However, the name Holland is often used when referring to the Netherlands.

AMSTERDAM: No city compares to Amsterdam. It's in a class of its own. The most bicycle friendly city in the world (847,000 bicycles). 

Rent a bicycle and experience the authentic way to travel around the city.

Anne Frank House; take a tour
Canal Cruises; see Amsterdam by water
De Hallen; don't miss the Food Hallen for a variety of amazing foods
Heineken Experience; take a tour and learn about this classic beer
Jordaan; narrow lanes with art galleries, bars,…

Boyne City in Six Hours (A Pure Michigan Resort Town)

Situated on the sparkling blue waters of Lake Charlevoix, Boyne City is a walkable city with lots of charm. Boyne City beckons summer tourists with its idyllic setting and warm hospitality. It's proximity to Boyne Mountain Resort and Young State Park brings in the crowds who enjoy the dining and shopping options and some of the best scenery in Northern Michigan.

9:00 am Arrive in Boyne City and park wherever you wish for free. Boyne City doesn't have parking meters like other cities. How nice is that?

9:05 am  Time for Breakfast! Breakfast options? My favorite is Boyne City Bakery owned by chef Gildas Berrou who was born and raised in France. Outstanding breads, crepes, pastries, and sandwiches to choose from and a friendly staff. What a magnificent way to start your day.

10:00 am  Boyne City might be small but there's no shortage of unique shopping options. Here's a partial listing:

Alpine Chocolat Haus; boxed chocolates, fudge, caramel corn, ice cream, & other sw…

Copenhagen, Denmark; A city where life is enjoyed!

Copenhagen, with it's cobblestone streets and 17th century buildings is a bike friendly, cultural, sophisticated city that feels like the pages of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Denmark is the happiest country in the world and vibrant Copenhagen is a marvelous place to start your visit. Originally a Viking fishing village founded in the 10th century, today Copenhagen has a population of roughly 775,033. Copenhagen is situated on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand. Although the public transportation system in Copenhagen is top notch, biking and walking around the city keeps you in shape and more connected to the sights. You can take a tour with Copenhagen Bike Adentures or Copenhagen Free Walking Tours.

1.4 million kilometers are cycled on an average weekday in COPENHAGEN.

Nyhavn is oneof Copenhagen's top attractions!

First stop, TIVOLI GARDENS, the second oldest amusement park in the world which opened its gates on Augus…

All the world's a stage in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

I absolutely adore the theatre so it's only fitting that I spent my birthday in lovely Stratford, Ontario.

                                                   At the Stratford Festival, loving theater!

All the world's a stage in this beautiful town with an idyllic setting that beckons to all, including William Shakespeare if he were still alive. It's especially alluring from April to October when the Stratford Festival presents play after play and audiences sit back and marvel at the actors and actresses performances. Stratford has an Avon River, it also has the Shakepearean Gardens, and sidewalks meant for walking. It's one of Canada's best places to live and it's one of Canada's best places to visit.

Lodging abounds in Stratford and an authentic way to feel at home is to stay at a bed and breakfast. You can easily walk to the theaters and most of the shops and restaurants are centered around the downtown which makes exploring this lovely city very easy. See a…

Vacationing in Maine in Joyful June!

Rogers and Hammersteins song 
from Carousel is a joyful song about JUNE. 
Ironically the 1950's musical "CAROUSEL" starring
Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae was filled on location
in Boothbay Harbor and Camden, Maine.

The 1950's musical "CAROUSEL" was filled in Boothbay Harbor and Camden, MAINE

There's something special about the month of June in New England. Nature is in full bloom;the trees are verdant, flowers are colorful, the skies are blue, the days are warm and long, and the children are off from school. Soon it's vacation time and those seeking an idyllic getaway couldn't pick a more beautiful place to be than MAINE. Quaint fishing towns, peaceful harbors, rocky beaches,winding country roads, clapboard houses, lobster shacks, historic lighthouses, and farms with belted galloway cows are just some of the things that await you in the "Pine Tree State." Maine is located in the easternmost part of the United Sta…