Jun 27, 2017

Norway, the Stunner Country!

Norway is a stunner. It's truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Though expensive it's worthy of a visit for the fjords, mountains, sea, and endless nature at every corner.

My first encounter with NORWAY was in the late 20th century. I was in my 20's and wanted a summer job in Europe. My dream came true when a farmer in Kristiansand invited me to spend three months taking  care of his farm retreat. What a farm it was. Lots of land full of cows, pigs, and sheep. There was a lake for fishing and swimming and furnished cabins scattered along the hilly terrain for visitors who rented the cabins for a relaxing vacation close to Kristiansand and the sea.

I worked seven days a week that summer doing everything from milking cows to painting fences. My dear friends that summer were a brother and sister from Poland who worked on the farm and a local Norwegian girl who managed the office and rented out the cabins. I worked hard on that farm and was able to indulge in lots of delicious food without gaining any weight because of all the physical work I did.

Norway has fresh seafood, yummy cheese, delicious chocolate and amazing ice cream. It was fun to ride my bicycle during my leisure time to the nearby market and indulge in tasty treats that Norwegians are blessed to have. Every once in awhile the farmer gave me a half day off to explore the lovely countryside of Kristiansand. I would bike and hike to my hearts content and swim in amazing swimming holes scattered throughout the region. Sometimes I would ride my bicycle 20 kilometers to Kristiansand .

Norway has many grand places to visit; Bergen, Boda, Flam, The Lofoten Islands, Oslo, Stavanger, and Tromso just to name a few. Norway is the land of fjords and the northern lights. Summer is an exceptional time to visit Norway for the lush scenery and long warm days. There's a lot to see in Norway and one visit is not enough to experience all the great wonders of this Nordic country.

The Norwegians are famous for their salmon. It's some of the best salmon in the world. Norwegian salmon is loaded with protein, omega 3's, and vitamins A, D, & B12. Spoil yourself with Norwegian salmon. Surrounded by water galore, it's no wonder Norway is famous for seafood like salmon.

                                          There's lots of fishing boats in NORWAY



NORWAY has some great treasures that can be purchased as a souvenir; chocolates, trolls, and Norwegian sweaters are a few things worth getting while visiting the stunning country of NORWAY.


Trolls are scary beasts that usually live in the woods. Trolls can be ugly and slow witted. They often dwell in caves, mountains, or isolated rocks. Trolls live together in small family units. Trolls dislike human beings. Trolls are very well known in NORWAY.

Next Post: A voyage through Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen, and Tromso.

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