Switzerland, Where Life is Good!

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It's only 41, 285 kilometers in size but every inch of Switzerland is filled with splendor. This small alpine country in central Europe is the land of Alps, banks, cows, chocolate, four languages and the magnificent Alps. Switzerland is one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world and although it's expensive a trip to Switzerland is worth the splurge. From first class hotels to family run pensions the Swiss are known for their hospitality and sophistication.

Some Interesting Facts about Switzerland:

The four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian, and Romansh.

Switzerland has a population of 8.3 million people.

Swiss banks are highly regarded. One reason being that they're not allowed to reveal their account holders.

Switzerland has about 1.59 million cows; 1 for every 5 people. Farmers put bells around their cows neck because it makes it easier to find them in Alpine meadows.

The Swiss eat more chocolate than any other nation in the world.

Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates.

On Sundays it is illegal for the Swiss to engage in activities like moving the grass, hanging out laundry, and washing their car. 

Albert Einstein developed the formula E=MC2 in Switzerland,

There are 208 mountains in Switzerland that are over 3,000m,

The Swiss have to pay taxes for owning a dog.

Swiss currency is the Swiss franc (not the Euro)

Instant coffee known as NESCAFE was launched by NESTLE Company on 1 April 1938.

The best watches are made by the Swiss. That's because Swiss watches are made with surgical steel and the movements are hand assembled with metal gears.. Swiss watches last a long time and are often handed down to the next family generation.

Spotlight on German speaking Switzerland:

My first visit to Switzerland was in the late 20th century. I took a train from northern Italy and ended up to Lucerne. A day of sightseeing in Lucerne was all I had time for because my heart was beckoning for solitude in the Alps. From Lucerne I took a train to Interlaken and spent the night at a hostel. Than it was off to Grindelwald where my eyes delighted in the storybook setting. I stayed for five nights and cried when I had to leave. 


Whether you wish to visit the city on the lake for one day or several days, Lucerne is a good starting point for other German speaking regions of Switzerland.

From the Bahnof (train station) walk over to Manor department store for stylish shopping. Then visit the Swiss Museum of Transport. Soon you'll be hungry and there's great food choices at Coop or Migros supermarkets. Purchase a bag or two of groceries and walk over to Lake Lucerne and enjoy your meal on the lake as you watch the graceful swans swimming on the lake. No harm in giving the swans a bit of your food.

You can opt to take a boat cruise on Lake Lucerne and enjoy the beautiful scenery or take a walk on Europe's oldest covered wooden footbridge known as Chapel Bridge. After a day of sightseeing you can spend a night in Lucerne or take a train to nearby Interlaken.

Places to stay in Lucerne:

With AIRBNB airbnb.com you can feel connected with Swiss culture staying with a local.

Hotel Options:

Hotel des Alpes
Hotel Waldstatterhof
Hotel zum Rebstock
Rosli Guest House

Interlaken is a destination that can't be missed. By train from Lucerne you'll arrive at the highest valley railway station in Europe. Right next to the train station is a popular Interlaken Youth Hostel. The Swiss Inn and Apartments is in a prime location and close to the train station.

While in Interlaken hike the Jungfrau and also take time to visit the Ice Palace and Trummelbach Falls. The Swiss are famous for chocolate and they consume more chocolate than any other country in the world. Indulge in chocolate bars, pralines, and truffles at the Swiss Chocolate Chalet in Interlaken. The chocolate here is some of the best in Switzerland and it's made with Swiss milk.

For good eats locals and tourists enjoy Husi Bierhaus for a multitude of beers and delicious Swiss fare. Interlaken is a genuine mountain resort town that attracts international travels who are seeking outstanding hiking and spectacular scenery.

So much to do and see in Switzerland. This country of four languages is diverse in culture and scenery. It's a wonderful place to live and visit. SWITZERLAND, Where Life if Good!



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