Soothing Moments with Japanese Green Tea & Sushi

I only made one short visit to Japan but in that short visit I was in awe of the culture and cuisine.The Japanese have one of the healthiest diets in the world. Not only is Japanese food healthy but it's very pleasing to the palate.

Taking one hour out of the day to sit down and enjoy sushi with green tea is very soothing. There are multiple ways to enjoy eating sushi but a favorite is to sit at a sushi bar and observe a professional sushi chef prepare sushi with perfection. Another option is to visit a Japanese restaurant with a conveyer belt and handpick plates of sushi and other Japanese specialities. You can enjoy sushi with a glass of sake or a pot of traditional Japanese tea.

Hanaya Yohei is credited for inventing hand formed sushi. He started selling sushi around 1828 in Tokyo. What would the world be without sushi? The Japanese love their sushi and so do many other ethnic cultures.

If you're craving something sweet you'll love Japanese desserts like anmitsu, dango, daifuku, dorayaki, and mochi. Relaxing with a plate of desserts with a pot of Japanese tea will soon melt away your stresses temporarily.

Japan has a fascinating culture and it's extraordinary cuisine is just one of its many wonders!

Japan means "Land of the Rising Sun"
Most streets in Japan have no name
Japan has the highest life expectancy
Japan has 5.52 million vending machines
Japan has over 6,800 islands
The Japanese eat more fish than another people in the world
Cherry Blossoms are Japan's national flower
The Japanese use about 25 billion chopsticks per year
In Japan there are more pets than children

                                         Dorayaki (red bean pancakes) are very popular in Japan

                                                      Japanese tea is loaded with antioxidants


  1. Oh yes how much I love green tea but I have never tried sushi. I have heard that sushi has raw finshes in it and i am scared of eating raw fish. someday will definitely try someday.
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