Coconut Juice and Spring Rolls in Thailand

Exotic Thailand is the land of Buddhist temples, royal palaces, enchanting islands, jungles, mountains, and sea. You can watch the monkeys swinging from trees, ride an elephant, come close to a tamed tiger and sip on coconut water on a turquoise beach all in the same day The food in Thailand is extraordinary. While spending a few weeks backpacking through Thailand I indulged in everything from street food to meals at a jungle homestay and I didn't gain weight instead I lost weight. Who can resist eating in Thailand with that kind of perk? Coconut Juice and Spring Rolls were one of my many go to treats. As I sip on coconut juice and indulge in vegetable spring rolls back in North America I long to return to this southeast Asian country that is truly one of the best destination spots on the globe.

COCONUT JUICE: Nature's Thirst Quencher

How to enjoy coconut juice: Mark the top of the coconut with a V and cut the V shape with a big vegetable cleaver. Place a tall straw into the coconut and drink the juice. After drinking the juice of the coconut, scoop out the coconut and use it to make coconut ice cream or other Thai dishes.


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