Province;Quebec (North America's France)

                                   Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
If you live on the North American continent and are yearning for a taste of France without the jet lag you'll find it in the beautiful province of Quebec in Canada. Quebec is a French speaking province with much to see and do. There's the exciting international city of Montreal, the peaceful Laurentian Mountains which are considered some of the oldest mountains in the world, Ile d' Orleans with its idyllic charm and Quebec City one of the oldest settlements in North America. Saguenay Fjord National Park is a gem as are many other national parks throughout Quebec.

Summer is a splendid time to visit the province of Quebec when the days are sunny and long but
the fall season has its own perks with the brilliant colorful foliage that brighten the already spectacular scenery and the crisp fresh air that makes one wish for fresh picked apples at one of the many farm orchards.

Quebec is a very large province and it happens to be the largest of Canada's ten provinces. It's a long trip from the south to the north of Quebec and vice versa. A good starting point for a tour of Quebec is the city of Quebec. With an array of lodging from quaint bed and breakfasts to roadside hotels to the iconic "Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac Hotel"finding a place of your choice is easy with advance or last minute booking through websites like booking. com.

                              Spending time in Old Town Quebec is mesmerizing.

Old Quebec is the only walled city north of Mexico and the Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage site. The narrow cobblestone streets clustered with 17th and 18th century houses are a delight to the eyes. Horse drawn carriages are available for an authentic sightseeing experience. Try to visit as many sights as possible; Artillery Park,  Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, La Citadelle, Musee de la Civilisation, Petite-Champlain District with its boutiques and cafes, and Terrace Dufferin. Sailing on the Saint Lawrence River with Quebec City Historic Discoverers Cruise is a great option.

                                            It feels like France in Quebec City.

Embrace the charms of Quebec City and linger for as long as you can in a region of Canada that feels so much like Europe. Enjoy the street performances by talented acrobats and musicians, 
sip a cappuccino at an outdoor cafe, take a French class, tour a chocolate factory, explore Plains of Abraham "The Battlefield Park" a large urban park, and don't miss the spectacular Montmorency
Falls Park


    Dining in Quebec City:

*Aux Anciens Canadiens is located in a historic home and serves traditional Quebec fare.
34 Rue Saint-Louis 

*Le Saint-Amour is an artful and exquisite French restaurant and one of Canada's top rated restaurants for dining and fine wines.
  48 Saint-Ursule Street

*Les Trois Garcons Bistro is popular for gourmet burgers and pommes frites. 
1084 Rue Saint-Jean

*Le Billig Bistro with its cozy atmosphere is perfect for authentic French crepes.

481 Rue Saint-Jean

*Pub St-Alexandre is a traditional English tavern specializing in fish and chips.

1087 Rue Saint -Jean
                                       Fairmount Le Chateau Frontenac is a historic hotel.


Named after Louis du Buade, a French governor, Fairmount Le Chateau Frontenac Hotel was originally designed as a railway travel stopover. Built in the 19th century by Canadian Pacific Railway manager William Van Horne with the help of New York architect Bruce Price this iconic hotel represents the style of the "Middle Ages" Since its1893 opening many distinguished and famous guests have stayed at the castle like hotel.


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