Aug 19, 2015

Fishing for Answers in Fishtown, Leland Michigan

Michigan is an industrial state, there's no doubt about it but in the northwest corridor of the Great Lakes State is a stunning oasis known as Leelanau County. A combination of the Irish countryside and the Portuguese coast of Europe, Leelanau County is a vacationer's paradise.

A real standout in Leelanau County is Leland (Fishtown). Leland is the kind of place where you can fish for answers you're seeking and feel disconnected from the stresses of a high tech, fast paced society. Leland has pocketfuls of idyllic spots to just relax and recharge. Upon your arrival to Leland head to Neadows Bay Beach on Lake Leelanau for a swim and sit on the sandy beach and just daydream. The lake is so calm and soothing that you might just decide to hang out at Neadows Bay Beach the rest of the day. However there's the mighty pure and unsalted Lake Michigan on the other side of town and Lake Michigan is a real crown jewel. 

On Lake MIchigan you can hang out at either North Beach or Van's Beach. Both beaches are ideal for swimming, walking the shoreline, or just sitting down and reading a good book.Smack in the middle of North Beach and Van's Beach is the famous Fishtown with its weathered fishing shacks that house an array of shops. In Fishtown you can watch the fishermen dock their boats with the day's catch and book a ferry ride with Manitou Island Transit to the rugged North or South Manitou Islands.

                          The weathered fishing shacks of Fishtown are historic                                      

                              Carlson's Fishery is the very best for fresh & smoked fish

In Fishtown Carlson's Fishery is a dream come true for jerky, pate, smoked fish, and whitefish sausage. A few yards away is the Village Cheese Shanty which pleases crowds with its awesome sandwiches like the Lake Effect, North Shore, Orchard, and Third Coast. Dam Candy Store is the perfect place to splurge on sweets such as ice cream and taffy.

                             The Riverside Inn has lodging and an outstanding restaurant

Whether you choose to spend a day or more in quaint Leland; the beautiful scenery, fresh air, and sweet nature will calm your mind and free you from stresses. Soon you'll find that you've finished fishing for the answers you've been seeking and you can melt away any anxieties and relax, renew, recharge and reinvent a whole new you in one of the most idyllic and historical fishing villages in the United States known as Fishtown Leland.


Bluebird Cafe and Restaurant

102 River Street

The Cove

111 East River

The Riverside Inn

302 East River

Sisson's Main Street Specialties

203 North Main Street

Village Cheese Shanty

199 West River Street


Falling Waters Lodge

200 Cedar Street

Leland Lodge

565 Pearl Street

The Riverside Inn

302 East River


Studio 22 Salon and Spa

203 North Main Street


Good Old Books

305 River Street

Leelanau Books

109 Main Street

Leland Township Library

203 Cedar Street

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