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Fishing for Answers in Fishtown, Leland Michigan

Michigan is an industrial state, there's no doubt about it but in the northwest corridor of the Great Lakes State is a stunning oasis known as Leelanau County. A combination of the Irish countryside and the Portuguese coast of Europe, Leelanau County is a vacationer's paradise.

A real standout in Leelanau County is Leland (Fishtown). Leland is the kind of place where you can fish for answers you're seeking and feel disconnected from the stresses of a high tech, fast paced society. Leland has pocketfuls of idyllic spots to just relax and recharge. Upon your arrival to Leland head to Neadows Bay Beach on Lake Leelanau for a swim and sit on the sandy beach and just daydream. The lake is so calm and soothing that you might just decide to hang out at Neadows Bay Beach the rest of the day. However there's the mighty pure and unsalted Lake Michigan on the other side of town and Lake Michigan is a real crown jewel. 

On Lake MIchigan you can hang out at either North Beach or Va…