Stowe, Vermont U.S.A. (Then & Now)

I'll never forget the first day that I came to Stowe, Vermont. There was a feeling of acceptance so I knew it was meant for me to stay, so I cherished each day that came my way in sweet quaint little Stowe and had the grandest summer of them all.   Adrianna

June 29, 1989 is a date that will always be significant to me because for many days Stowe, Vermont was beckoning for me to come and I finally followed my intuition and boarded an Amtrak train to Stowe, Vermont on the 29th of June and was blessed with the most beautiful and memorable summer of my life.

In those days college kids like myself could land a summer job as easy as downloading an app these days. Within one day of arriving in Stowe, Vermont I got a job working at an adorable bed and breakfast. Not only did I get to live in the bed and breakfast and enjoy an array of job duties but I also got to work with the most adventurous and coolest guy ever. There were lots of interesting guests that I got to take care of that summer too and being in beautiful STOWE was absolutely magical.

I've been back to Stowe time and time again. Each time I return that special magic is still there. Stowe, Vermont has a way of captivating people and making them want to stay and in the summer you couldn't ask for a better place to be than Stowe, Vermont. 

S U M M E R  in  S T O W E

Back in 1989 Ben & Jerry pints were only $2.49 each and they only had five ingredients. These days Ben & Jerry is still one of the most beloved ice cream companies in the country and you can't miss the factory tour in nearby Waterbury. (It's awesome)

Back in 1989 the cows outnumbered the people. These days the people outnumber the cows but there are still plenty of cows hanging out around Stowe, Vermont and thank goodness because what would summer be without ice cream?

Back in 1989 the Grand Union was the supermarket that everyone shopped at. The supermarket is still there but now it's called Shaw's.

Back in 1989 the Stowe Recreation Path was completed and now locals and tourists enjoy the path for biking, roller blading, and running. The Stowe Recreation Path meanders through some spectacular scenery and is one of the most beautiful paths in the country.

Back in 1989 the hills were alive with music in the meadow at the famous Trapp Family Lodge and now the music in the meadow is still much alive at Trapp Family Lodge.

Back in 1989 Mount Mansfield was the highest mountain in Vermont with awesome hiking and Mount Mansfield still remains the highest mountain with lovely peaks and great hiking trails.

There's just so much to do in Stowe, Vermont in the summer and that's when Stowe is in its glory. The days are long and warm, the activities are non-ending, and the scenery is always breath-taking. Stowe, Vermont in Lamoille Country is a very special place and once you discover it you'll yearn to go back again.

Auto Toll Road

Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Factory Tour
Bingham Falls
Cold Hollow Cider Mill
Edelweiss Mountain Deli
Edson Hill Manor
Gold Brook Covered Bridge
Lake Champlain Chocolate Shop
Lake Elmore
Little River
Long Trail
Mount Mansfield
Smuggler's Notch State Park
Stowe Farmers Market
Stowe Mercantile
Stowe Mountain Golf Club
Stowe Mountain Resort
Stowe Theater Guild
Top Notch Resort & Spa
Trapp Family Lodge



Music in the Meadow at Trapp Family Lodge (Runs throughout season)

Old Fashioned Fourth of July (July 4th)

Stowe's 7 Mile of Sales (July 3rd -5th)

Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon Festival (July 10th-12th)

Stowe 8 Miler (July 12th)

Stowe Lacrosse Tournament (July 18th-19th & July 25th-26th)

Stowe Antiques Car Show (August 7th-9th)

Stowe Brewers Festival (August 14th-15th)

Annual Race to the Top of Vermont (August 23rd)


                                      Moo Moo Moo…see ya in Stowe!


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