Mar 9, 2015

The Delights of Morocco

Moroccan Mint Tea is the traditional tea of Morocco that is enjoyed throughout the day. It's a symbol of family, friendship, and hospitality. The North African country of Morocco has some of the most delightful cuisine in the world. Cuisine is not the only star attraction in Morocco. Nature beckons to citizens and tourists alike who can enjoy the desert, mountains, valleys, and sea. Morocco's landscape is very unique. Bordered by the Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas, Morocco is blessed with very pleasant beaches.

The Orient Desert Express train will leave you with fond memories. The 305 kilometer train journey offers panoramic views of the famous Sahara Desert. Ride a camel and experience what "real transportation" is in Morocco.

So much to see and so much to do in the country of Morocco. Start with a few cups of Moroccan Mint Tea and begin your journey through the diverse country known as Morocco.

M O R O C C A N   M I N T    T E A

1 tablespoon gunpowder green tea
5 cups boiling water 
3 tablespoons sugar (for sweetness)
1 large bunch of fresh mint leaves

Put the gunpowder green tea in a teapot and pour one cup of boiling water in the teapot. Swirl gently allowing the tea to mix with the hot water. Strain and discard the water, reserving the tea leaves in the pot.

Next add the remaining four cups of boiling water and let the tea steep. Stir in the sugar and mint leaves.

Set out some glasses and pour the Moroccan Mint Tea.  

Serve and enjoy!

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