INDIA; Yours to Discover

                                                       Jaipur, INDIA

There are so many fascinating things about INDIA that it would take several pages to fit it all in.

Below is just a short description about one of the oldest countries in the world. INDIA; It's yours to discover.

Ayurveda (the earliest school of medicine) comes from India 

India is the worlds largest and oldest continuous civilization.

The capital of India is New Delhi.

The official language of India is Hindi.

India is the second most populated country in the world.

The Ganges River is India's holiest river. It is known for spiritual purification by the Hindus.

India has more post offices than any other country.

India got its independence in 1947. The premium lager beer "1947" is a celebration beer.

Algebra, Caculus, and Trigonometry originated in India.

The Sanskirt language (Mother of European languages) comes from India.

Yoga has its origins in India and yoga which consists of breath control, body postures, meditation, and discipline has existed for 5,000 years.

                                                              YOGA is thousands of years old!

There are thousands of places to visit in intriguing INDIA. I've listed a few of the popular ones.

AGRA,  home to one of the best wonders of the world; TAJ MAHAL.

CALCUTTA,  India's second largest country is regarded as cultural and intellectual.

GOA,   A sandy coastline of beauty attracting beach vacationers.

JAIPUR,  The "Pink City" with lots of elephants.

KASHMIR,  Alpine peaks and valleys make for postcard scenery.

MUMBAI,  (formerly Bombay) is Bollywood Movie capital.

RISHIKESH,  is the yoga capital of the world.

UDAIPUR,  the Venice of the East is filled with hills, lakes, palaces, and temples.

                                                   Cows are respected in INDIA!



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