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Honeymooning in Tahiti (Island Hopping)

With its beautiful scenery, excellent cuisine,
perfect weather, turquoise beaches and top notch accommodations it's no wonder couples
in "love" are heading to TAHITI for some honeymoon bliss. TAHITI can be very expensive but if you're seeking a honeymoon vacation with lots of luxury than TAHITI might just be your place for
some honeymoon bliss.

More on "TAHITI" when I return for my
next post.

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean (Sri Lanka) Island Hopping

"The finest island of its size in all the world."           Marco Polo

An island country, SRI LANKA has Adam's Peak, Ayurveda, bendy palm trees, elephants, exotic fruits, fragrant spices, golden beaches, national parks, tea plantations, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and so much more. 

The gateway to Sri Lanka, Colombo is the largest city with a population of roughly 4 1/2 million. There's a lot to see in Colombo from the Old Dutch Hospital to the Federation of Self Employees Market to the elite neighborhood called Cinnamon Gardens. Colombo has plenty of attractions, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping to keep you busy. From Colombo you can visit the West Coast beach towns of Bentota, Kalutara, and Negombo.

The "West Coast" beach region of Sri Lanka is busy and quite developed so for a harmonic connection with wildlife "Wilpattu National Park" is the place to go. This is where you can take a safari jeep tour. The laid back "South Coas…

Sri Lanka (Island Hopping)

Ramayana is a great Hindu epic that takes place in what is now known as Sri Lanka. Ramayana consists of 24,000 verses in seven books. The story is about Rama and his wife Sita the ideal couple who live a happy life in the forest until Sita is abducted by the demon king Ravana. Sita is held captive on Ravana's island and Ravana is eager to marry Sita. Rama is determined to find Sita so he seeks the help of mighty general monkey Hanuman and his monkey team. Traveling across the sea Rama and Hanuman reach Ravana's island  where there is a fierce battle; Rama and Hanuman successfully kill the demon Ravana and Sita is freed and reunited with Rama. A tropical Buddhist island, Sri Lanka is the land of bendy palm tress, ceylon tea, cinnamon, elephants, fresh coconuts, jungles, sun kissed beaches and over fifty sites related to Ramayana. Located on the southern tip of India in Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka is fast becoming a tourist destination. 
What is there to do and see in SRI LANKA? M…