Madagascar; A land of Vastness (Island Hopping)

(Someday when I can afford to travel to Madagascar I would like to spend a month doing charity work. I've been blessed to meet a few people from this country who have shared valuable information. I thank them and I'm honored that I can write a little bit about this unique country on my blog).

Madagascar is an island country off the coast of Southeast Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the world and is inhabited by over 22 million people. The majority of the population only makes two dollars per day. Although Madagascar has a lot of poverty it has treasures that no other country in the world can claim.

The two modes of transportation to Madagascar are by airplane or ship. It is an adventure to travel to Madagascar by sea on a ship because it's a long and rough trip with the sea being very choppy at times. There are plenty of airlines that fly into Madagascar; Air Austral, Air France, Air Madagscar, Corsair, and Interair. Once you get to Madagascar you will surrounded by things that no other countries can boast about.

Many of the animals and plants on Madagascar are unique. In fact 90% of them are only on Madagascar. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Madagascar you will be the small percentage of the world's population to witness such extraordinary species.


It was Italian explorer Marco Polo who gave the island its name. He was the first European explorer to reach the island. The name was first spelled Madeigasar.

Madagascar is the world's 47th largest country.

Madagascar has deserts and rain forests.

Madagascar's highest mountain peak is Maromoktro at 9,436 feet.

Madagascar is the largest producer of vanilla. Vanilla plants grow on a vine.

The two languages spoken in Madagascar are French and Malagasy.

The valiha is the national musical instrument of Madagascar. It is made from a species of local bamboo and played by plucking the strings which are often made of metal.

                                               The children of Madagascar

Photos: Courtesy of Wikipedia

Next Post: A look at the animals and plants of Madagascar; a little history about vanilla.


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