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Nature in Madagascar (Island Hopping)

The animals of Madagascar mesmerize humans beings because many of them simply cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Here's a list of some of the living species that make Madagascar home: Aye-Aye, Bamboo-Lemur, Comet Moths, Dwarf Lemur, Red-Ruffed Lemur, Flat Tailed Geckos, Flying Fox, Fossa, Tomato Frog, Panther Chameleons, and Pochards just to name a few. 

                                       Aye-Aye (Courtesy of animal

                                        Flying Fox (Courtesy of

                                      Tomato Frog (Courtesy of Tumblr)

The animals of Madagascar aren't the only spectacular thing to witness. Eventually during your journey the scents of vanilla will enchant you. Madagascar is one of the top producers of vanilla and vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world. 
                                                Vanilla Orchid (Madagascar)

The vanilla flower is an orchid that produces fruit that is the result of po…

Madagascar; A land of Vastness (Island Hopping)

(Someday when I can afford to travel to Madagascar I would like to spend a month doing charity work. I've been blessed to meet a few people from this country who have shared valuable information. I thank them and I'm honored that I can write a little bit about this unique country on my blog).

Madagascar is an island country off the coast of Southeast Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the world and is inhabited by over 22 million people. The majority of the population only makes two dollars per day. Although Madagascar has a lot of poverty it has treasures that no other country in the world can claim.

The two modes of transportation to Madagascar are by airplane or ship. It is an adventure to travel to Madagascar by sea on a ship because it's a long and rough trip with the sea being very choppy at times. There are plenty of airlines that fly into Madagascar; Air Austral, Air France, Air Madagscar, Corsair, and Interair. Once you get to Madagascar you will surrounded …

Jolly in Jamaica (Island Hopping)

"One Love/ People Get Ready"
                  by: Bob Marley
Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right. Let's get together and feel all right.

The Jamaican's have a lot to be thankful for. They live on a gorgeous island with 635 miles of coastline, they eat delicious healthy food, and drink refreshing beverages, they have sea grape trees, and swaying palm trees, they have Jamaican rum and island dances. They're the creators of reggae music and they know how to jam. They have the legendary Bob Marley whose music is loved the world over. They have lots of sun and blue skies and so much more.
The average September temperature in Jamaica is 88 degrees (fahrenheit) 31 degrees (celsius). With clear blue skies and lots of sunshine it's easy to feel "Jolly in Jamaica." So if you're looking to island hop to a Caribbean island for a vacation why not choose Jamaica?
Jamaican's refer to their home island as the "Rock." Jamaica i…