Island Hopping

The world has thousands of thrilling islands……and soon I'll be writing my next post about islands around the world. There's nothing more thrilling than I S L A N D  H O P P I N G!

Prince Edward Island, Canada

                                                     Jamaica, (The Caribbean)

                                                    Mackinaw Island, Michigan (USA)

                                                                  Madagascar, Africa

                                                                        Gotland, Sweden

Join me soon for: ISLAND HOPPING!


  1. Madagascar, Africa is an island country. Madagascar is a big island with the Madagascar is an island it’s a world fourth largest island. It rich in culture ,history and geography. I have visited it before my yosemite tours from san francisco. Its a major source of entertainment and famous for the sightseeing. I will recommend to the visitors must visit it. Its a perfect picnic spot.


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