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Island Hopping

The world has thousands of thrilling islands……and soon I'll be writing my next post about islands around the world. There's nothing more thrilling than I S L A N D  H O P P I N G!

Prince Edward Island, Canada

                                                     Jamaica, (The Caribbean)

                                                    Mackinaw Island, Michigan (USA)

                                                                  Madagascar, Africa

                                                                        Gotland, Sweden

Join me soon for: ISLAND HOPPING!

Summer in Stockholm

With summer in full swing there's still plenty of weeks left to swim and if there's one place in the world where swimming is adored it's the beautiful capital city of Stockholm in Sweden.

Stockholm is a city surrounded by water and it spreads over 14 islands. Stockholm is one of the few cities in the world where taking a dip in the clear waters smack in the middle of the city is a normal thing to do. In the winter the Swedes swim in the many indoor swimming halls but in the summer they swim outdoors.

If you find yourself in Stockholm for a day or two here are a few outdoor swimming spots that will put a smile on your face; Ekhagenbadet, Fredhallsbadet, Hagaparken, Kanaanbadet, Langholmsbadet, Sicklasjon, and Smedsuddsbadet. 

                                There are countless outdoors spots for swimming in Stockholm


ABBA Museum (The famous pop group) has a permanent exhibition of the Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset) is …

Sweden and Hiking

Kungsleden "The King of Mountain Trails" is Sweden's longest hiking trail. Located in Northern Sweden the "Kungsleden" beckons lovers of the outdoors who want to experience the ultimate peak. This trail rewards hikers with a spectacular landscape of glaciers, flowers, mountains, and rivers.

It can take over a month to hike the entire length of "Kungsleden" which is 275 miles (443 kilometers) long. The trail goes through four national parks and a nature reserve. It can be enjoyed for days since the trail is equipped with cabins and huts.

From early June until the end of September you can experience the ultimate peak by hiking Sweden's highest mountains and experiencing Northern Sweden to the fullest.

Kungsleden Hiking Tours

                                         Enjoy "Swedish Snacks" on your hike!