Last Stop: Saint Petersburg (Part 2)

 The beautiful Caucasus Mountains of Russia are nestled between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. The highest peak is Mount Elbrus with a range of 18,510 feet making it the highest point in Europe.

Climbers, hikers, and skiers are drawn to this region for the outstanding outdoor activities. For those seeking a ski resort town compared to those of the Alps "Sochi" is the answer.


Located on the Black Sea coast "SOCHI" is a winning destination. Often called the "Russian Riviera"this popular resort town has recently been the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Whether you come in the fall, winter, spring or summer you'll find plenty to do in Sochi while enjoying the stunning scenery.

Amfibius Aqua Park is one of the best water parks in Russia. It's huge and there are lots of activities to keep you busy.

Dagomys Tea Plantation is a unique place. Sochi is the only place in Russia that produces tea. Take a tour of the tea growing farm and than enjoy a tea party in a country log home.

Dolphinarium is where you can watch sea creatures such as lions, seals, and dolphins entertain you.

The Singing Fountains consists of a small pool and several water streams with a rhythm of dancing and singing from a sound/visual system.

Sochi National Park is a habitat for many animals. There are high alpine meadows and wonderful hiking trails throughout the park. This park has many gems; Agursky waterfalls, Mt Akhum, a nature museum, Vorontsov's caves, mineral springs, and ravines.

Sochi National Park

From five star hotels to budget hostels Sochi ranks high when it comes to accommodations:

                                                Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina (Luxury Hotel)

                                                                                                   Nairi Hotel (Moderate)


      Sochi Hostel (Budget)

                                             Sochi, Russia....A Winning Destination!


  1. Let's hop on a plane! Love the blog Adrianna! - Elise

  2. Wow!its looking so impressive and beautiful.I would like to stay in Nairi Hotel.Its really a dreaming place.Great work done by Adrianna on this blof.I like it so much and I want to travel to that place but now a days i,m on bus tour with columbus to new york services.After this i would like to go to that place to relish myself with the beauty of that place.Thanks for your sharing.

  3. Many cities in Russia is attractive bit i like most of them if you are travelling to western Russia, and you are a Western person, you should be alright, Moscow is just like other European cities.

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