A Taste of Traverse City

                                                     HAPPY 2014

It's the new year of 2014 and I wish I could make plans to travel again BUT right now I'm working two jobs and keeping busy in Traverse City, Michigan. I moved here a few months ago to take care of my Mother and although it snows here practically everyday I really do like Traverse City.

I'm currently living right in Downtown Traverse City and I have really learned to navigate my way around this northern Michigan outdoor's paradise. I learned that Traverse City is a a foodie's town. In fact Traverse City attracts a lot of amazing chefs that work magic in the kitchen... there's even a famous chef that summers not far from Traverse City.

The Upper Peninsula is famous for making pasties and here in Traverse City you too can enjoy some homemade pasties at Cousin Jennies and Lehto's. For a taste of France without the jet lag Amical serves up specialities like chicken pot pie, French onion soup, and savory crepes in a cozy atmosphere. The Cooks House is one of the best restaurants in the United States known for local sustainable cuisine. Another amazing restaurant is Red Ginger which serves superb Asian specialities. The trendy Red Ginger is always packed with devoted customers who rave about the incredible dishes.

They say that "men can live on bread alone" and that's very true here in Traverse City. Some of the best bakeries in America are located in Traverse City. One of them is Pleasanton Bakery. Located on the grounds of the Grand Traverse Commons (formerly the state hospital known as The Asylum) Pleasanton Bakery was named one of the best bakeries in the United States in 2012 by Food and Wine magazine. The bakers at Pleasanton Bakery prepare naturally leavened artisan breads in a wood fired brick oven. There are countless flavors to choose from like cherry pistachio, dill onion, village rye to name a few. Pleasanton Bakery has an array of tasty bakery treats like croissants, pretzel bread, and pecan pie. Recently they're added pizza to their menu which has become a smashing hit among locals and tourists alike. Another bakery that earns praises is Bay Bread. The folks at Bay Bread make over 40 different artisian loaves as well as sandwiches and a variety of cookies.

I can't finish this post without giving an honorable mention to Oryana Natural Foods Market. Their selection of natural and holistic foods is top notch. They carry lots of items in bulk, sell fresh produce, have their own in house bakery and cafe, a body shop department, and so much more. Their selection of organic hot soups is unbelievable and on a cold Traverse City day almost everyone fills up on their yummy soups. The people who run Oryana Natural Foods Market are also very kind in giving out samples everyday of products they sell. They have demo tables set up everyday of various products they're promoting that day. High praises to ORYANA for being the best natural foods market in Michigan.

It could take hours to write about all the fantastic food options in Traverse City and someday I just might right a book called "A Taste of Traverse City." There are food stores and restaurants in Traverse City to meet everyones budget. That's what makes eating in Traverse City so much fun; the fact that their are delicious foods to eat and enjoy by everyone who lives or visits here.


Up Next: A recipe for famous Cherry Pie!


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