The Winter Wonderland of Traverse City, Michigan (U.S.A.)

                                              Downtown Traverse City at Christmas

Two months ago I relocated to Traverse City never expecting this much snow BUT it does snow a lot around here because of the lake effect. As I get to know this region more and more each day I'm in awe of the beauty that Northern Michigan has to offer.

Traverse City a jewel of a city is nestled between two gorgeous peninsula's "Old Mission" and "Leelanau," The area is an outdoors paradise with fresh air and lots of sporting activities in the winter months. There's lots of lakes around here as well as vineyards and cherry orchards.

Traverse City is a "foodie town"with a multitude of tasty foods ranging from sushi to pasties. There are historic movie theaters, playhouses, yoga studios, art galleries, interesting shops and so much more.

As I get ready to prepare a Christmas Eve meal from the groceries I bought earlier today I marvel at spending my Christmas in such a beautiful place. Yes it's cold, yes there's lots of snow, yes the driving can get challenging, yes I have to work hard to pay the bills but the pro's outweigh the con's.

Please try to follow my upcoming post that reflects on all there is to see and do in TRAVERSE CITY and the surrounding area. There's a reason this area is attracting the rich and famous. Stay tuned.




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