Hints about Huanchaco

Huanchaco, a village on the northern coast of Peru won me over with its authenticity and friendly people. Although the beaches here are beginning to look a little run down it's still an amazing place to surf and enjoy the beaches.

It's very easy to walk around Huanchaco and you'll be rewarded with plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from as you circle your way around marvelous Huanchaco.

Adrianna's Recommendations:

Don't miss out on nearby Chan Chan, a World Heritage site. Chan Chan is a Pre-Columbian city and archaeological site. A visit here will let you witness what life was like in South America centuries ago.

Take a walk on the pier for great views.

Hostal El Ancla is a charming place for lodging.

Chocolate Cafe is irresistible. I ate her twice in one day. The house speciality is the melt in your mouth hot chocolate.

Unforgettable Peruvian Hot Chocolate (Serves 4)

4 ounces authentic Peruvian semi sweet chocolate, chopped
3 cups water
4 cloves and 2 sticks of cinnamon
1 cup whole milk
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
1 cup whip cream

Boil the cinnamon sticks and cloves in three cups of water in a large pot for 10-12 minutes. Add the chopped chocolate and allow it to melt into the boiled water. Add the milk, sugar, and vanilla essence.
Mix gently and pour the hot chocolate into mugs. You can put some whip cream on top of the hot chocolate to make it extra creamy and rich.


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