Nov 29, 2013

Culinary Wonders of Peru

Spending a couple of weeks in Peru this past June really gave me a taste of what Peruvian life is all about. Peru has hundreds of treasures scattered everywhere. I just didn't have time to absorb it all but I did find time to eat some of the fabulous dishes that Peru is famous for. Ceviche is one of the most popular dishes in Peru and is considered a "national heritage."

While visiting Lima for a few days  I got to meet friendly Carlos who shared a "ceviche" recipe with me that his grandmother taught him to make. It's possible to make "ceviche" anywhere in the world but in beautiful coastal Peru it's truly the ultimate, My thanks (gracias) to Carlo's for showing me the Lima coastline and being kind in providing a delicious recipe for ceviche. (recipe is below)

                                          The coastline of Peru where fish is caught to make


2 pounds of fresh fish, cubed (Corvina, similar to halibut and mahi mahi called Dorado in Spanish are excellent choices for ceviche).

10 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper

2 tablespoons of fresh cilantro

1 Aji Amarillo (yellow chili pepper) or another similar pepper, strained and seeded from the pulp

12 fresh limes (juiced) try to use a juicer for best results

1 red onion, thinly chopped

Mix all the ingredients together and put them in baking dish pan. Top the mix with the chopped red onions and refrigerate the mixture for three hours allowing it to marinate.

Remove ceviche from refrigerator after about three hours.

Place a few scoops of the ceviche on individual plates. Put some dark green lettuce mixture and sliced avocado on the side of the plate to garnish the ceviche.

                                          Adrianna eating fresh ceviche in Mancora, Peru

Nov 19, 2013

Choices, Choices in Laid Back Mancora

Melt away your stresses on Peru's northern coast in laid back M A N C O R A:

Where to Stay:

Hotel Las Olas faces the beach. There are hammocks, lounge chairs and a reputable restaurant in the lobby area. A very nice place to stay.

Don Giovanni has beachfront rooms and an awesome gelato cafe.

A stay at Samana Chakra will have your senses feeling perfect from head to toe.

Enjoy the beach life at Casa de Playa Bungalows.

Where to Eat:

Cevicheria Jasusi serves delicious Peruvian cuisine and their ceviche is the best in town.

El Aji  has tasty Mexican food.

La Sirena d Juan rarely disappoints it's customers. The fusion dishes are excellent.

La Mosca en la Sopa is known for Argentine grilled meats and fresh seafood dishes.

Jugeria Mi Janett is the place to go for tasty food, refreshing fresh juice, and great smoothies.

Surfing Rules in Mancora

Where to take Surfing Lessons:

Victor's Surf School has really good instructors and they also rent surfboards.

Where to learn Spanish:

Wasicenter Spanish School is where you can learn to master the Spanish language.

Delicious Gelato

Where to shop:          

Tourists and locals have plenty of places to shops to choose from. There are open markets and independent stores right in the heart of Mancora

Friends are easy to make in Mancora

What to do:

Surf, fish, go kayaking, read a book, take a class, go hiking, swim, watch the sunrise and sunset,
go dancing, hang out at the bar, try different restaurants, drink a fruit smoothie, learn Spanish,
be a passenger in a moto taxi, feed the stray dogs, eat churro's, shop, explore, have fun!!!


Ceviche & Limoncello  

I'll be sharing Peruvian recipes in my next post: "Culinary Wonders of Peru"

Nov 16, 2013

Five Days in M A N C O R A ( P E R U )

Peru, Peru, I wish I were in Mancora, Peru....

Moto Taxi
These days the whole world seems to know of an amazing place called MACHU PICCHU. It's Peru's top tourist attraction and with good reason but if you're longing for a relaxing time in a picturesque seaside town on the Pacific coast than choose Mancora. Mancora is the kind of place that captures your spirit with it's beautiful beaches, pretty buildings, swaying palms, incredible surfing, and seaside charm. Whether you stay here a day, a week, or a year you'll soon see why so many South American's love to vacation in lovely Mancora.

Surfing rules in Mancora and some of the best surfers in South America like hanging out in Mancora. There are plenty of water activities to choose from. How about beach yoga? When I was in Mancora I gave a few free yoga classes on the sandy beach and we all enjoyed views of the ocean while doing are asanas. Mancora is famous for it's ceviche and almost every restaurant in town serves fresh ceviche.

Fresh & Delicious Ceviche

Friendly Mancora Kids

First Day:

Refresh yourself with a smoothie made with local fruits than take a swim in the ocean. Do some surfing or enroll in a surfing class and brush up on your surfing skills. Have dinner with a glass of wine and smile knowing that you're in beautiful Mancora.

Second Day:

Start the day with some beach yoga and than have breakfast at a cafe on the beach.  Take a Spanish class and learn some Espanol. Have some fresh ceviche with a glass of Peruvian Pilsen Callao beer for a late lunch. For some nightlife spend a couple of hours dancing at the RunaWasi Discoteca.

Third Day:

Wake up early and watch the sun rise as you sip on fresh brewed Peruvian coffee. Go surfing or rent a kayak. Other options are scuba diving or reading a book while lounging on the beach. Don't miss out on delicious churro's sold at 3:00 pm on the beach by a man who makes the best churro's in Mancora. In the evening watch the glorious sunset while surfing or just hang out on the sandy beach with a drink.

Fourth Day:

Take a fun taxi ride in a Moto Taxi on the Pan American Highway and enjoy the sights. Afterwards visit the array of shops along the Pan American Highway. Have a Pisco Sour in town and than walk along the beach and watch the fisherman docking their boats after a day of fishing. Watch the sunset.

Fifth Day

Enjoy a delicious morning breakfast and than had to the beach to enjoy the sand, surf, and sun. Mingle with the locals and take lots of pictures for fond memories. Pick a restaurant of your choice and have a delicious meal before saying goodbye (adios) to Mancora.

Treat yourself to a churro!

Up Next: Where to eat and stay in Mancora.

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