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K  E  N  Y  A

Kenya's beauty and diversity has drawn thousands of tourists to view its wonders. Covering an area of 224,960 square miles on the eastern coast of Africa Kenya's main attraction is its remarkable abundance of wildlife.

More than six million acres of Kenya's land have been set aside by the government for game reserves and parks. Tsavo National Park in southern Kenya is home to buffalo, cheetah, elephants, leopards, lions, and rhinoceroses. Not to be missed is Amboseli National Park with the stunning Mt Kilimanjaro as its backdrop.

Although there are countless things to do and see in Kenya's it's the world famous safari
that captivates people from far and near. A typical safari includes time on the plains, the highlands, around the mountains, and beautiful Lake Victoria. Some people prefer comfortable lodging while on a safari while others prefer roughing it as campers. Either way a safari experience is truly a way to immerse in African life…


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I'll be honest I've never been to JORDAN but I know two people who were born and raised in JORDAN and thanks to them I can share a bit about the country of JORDAN.

Jordan's Prime Minister is: Abdullah Ensour

Jordan lies between the Arabian Peninsula and the Mediterranean Sea. Its neighbors are Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Jordan is an Arab country and its official language is Arabic.
The Jordanian landscape consists of deserts, mountains, valleys, the Dead Sea and a small portion of the Red Sea.

The Dead Sea has a high salt content and a soapy feel. No life can survive in the Dead Sea so there are no fish or plants. In fact it's impossible for a person to sink in the waters of the Dead Sea. Most people just float in the clean waters of the Dead Sea.

Amman the capital city of Jordan has a population of 1.5 million people. Amman is situated in a hilly area of northwestern Jordan. It was originally built on seven hills. Popular sights in Amman include; Th…