JAPAN (Culture & Sights)

If JAPAN is your destination consider flying with Japan Airlines. The staff provides impeccable customer service to all of its passengers making everyone feel as if they're flying first class. This is not surprising because the Japanese people have a way of perfecting everything they do from engineering automobiles to making irresistible
sushi. The ideal way to experience Japan is to spend a month or two but even a couple of weeks will give you a taste of Japanese culture. 

Fly with Japan Airlines to JAPAN                                      

Journeying through JAPAN is as easy as sipping a cup of green tea. Here are my recommendations for an authentic JAPANESE experience:

KYOTO TEMPLES & GARDENS  (Japan's most beautiful temples are located in Kyoto)


JAPAN ALPS (The Japan Alps are divided into three ranges; the northern region is the best option for hiking and skiing). 

SUMO is the National Sport of Japan; two sumo wrestlers fight in a sumo ring. Tickets are often purchased a month in advance for this very popular sport.

                                               SUMO WRESTLERS

LAKE YAMANKA for water sports. Glide through the waters on a boat and get stunning views of the famous Mount Fuji.

                                                                              MOUNT FUJI

TOKYO (Japan's largest city) is packed with attractions such as Tsukiji Fish Market, Sony Building, Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Tower, Hanayashiki Amusement Park and Edo-Toyko Museum.


Catch a glimspe of a GEISHA woman in full dress (kimono and white make up) in Kyoto or Tokyo. What's a Geisha? A Geisha is a popular female entertainer who attends to the needs of guests during banquets, dinners, and other special occasions. A Geisha is trained in the performing arts as a dancer, vocalist, and instrumentalist. She's an excellent communicator and the perfect hostess.



Sit back and enjoy a JAPANESE ANIMATION film. (Anime in Japanese). The world of anime dates back to 1917. Japanese animated productions are usually hand drawn or computer generated for film and television viewing. They attract a huge worldwide audience. 

Top Japanese Animation FIlms:

1) Spirited Away                                                                            
2) Howl's Moving Castle
3) Princess Mononoke
4) Akira
5) My Neighbor Totoro

                                          World Famous Japanese Animation

A new trend of advertising has gained popularity in JAPAN. A few advertising firms are now hiring young adult women to wear sticker like advertisements on their thighs to advertise products ranging from contact solution to shampoo. Rather than using billboards for advertising, firms are now paying Japanese women up to $120.00 per day to wear a sticker like advertisement. The Japanese are always thinking of something "original."

21st Century Advertising in JAPAN

A journey through JAPAN is an extraordinary cultural experience. Whether it's sipping sake, eating delicious selections of food in a bento box, strolling through a Japanese garden or visiting a shrine Japan, is a top winner in almost every category.

Up next: A traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony!!!

Adrianna for TRAVEL WORLD 


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