Dublin in two days!


A trip to the Emerald Isle isn't complete without spending a couple days with the Dubs in Dublin. IRELAND'S biggest city is one of the most popular cities in Western Europe. This is where you'll find warm hearted people, cozy pubs, pedestrian friendly streets, interesting sights, and some of the best written literature by Dubliners.

Lodging options in Dublin range from expensive hotels to budget hostels and finding a place to rest the weary soul is as easy as counting to ten. Dublin has a bountiful supply of bed & breakfasts and spending a night or two at one of them will provide you with a restful sleep and a delicious authentic Irish breakfast. Check out my recommendations for lodging on the bottom page.

On Day 1 a walk along the Liffey River is a fun way to zig zag through various Dublin neighborhoods and absorb the sights. When I was walking along the Liffey River a few years ago I heard screams of "Help, Help, Help." A man had fallen into the river and was slowly drowning. A helpful man in a business suit jumped into the river to rescue the poor drowning soul and together the two of them safely got out of the water with the help of a floating device. As the two gentlemen made their way onto the riverbank crowds of people cheered with excitement and shortly afterwards an ambulance arrived with paramedics. I was very touched to witness a random act of kindness by an individual who saved the life of a drowning man. This was definitely a day known for the luck of the Irish.

After walking along the Liffey River head to Trinity College (one of the oldest in Europe) and visit the library that contains "The Book of Kells." Afterwards stroll down Grafton Street known for its high end shopping. Later make a stop to the National Museum and continue to Merrion Square to see Oscar Wilde's statue. End your day of sightseeing at the Dublin Writers Museum and discovery the great literary figures of Dublin www.writersmuseum.com.  Dracula, Gullivers Travels, The Importance of Being Ernest & Waiting for Godot are just a few of the literary classics to come out of Dublin. In the evening treat yourself to a Celtic meal of fish & chips, Irish chowder, and smoked salmon.

After breakfast on Day 2 in Dublin head straight to St James Gate and spend the morning at the Guinness Storehouse.. The Irish are very proud of their Guinness beer and there isn't a pub in Dublin or Ireland for that matter that doesn't sell Guinness beer on tap. What can you expect on a tour of the Guinness Storehouse? Well...a walk through a 1904 building that gives you a first hand brew making process of Guinness beer. The storehouse is a stunning place and after the tour visitors are escorted to the Gravity Bar and given a sample of Guinness beer. I must say that my glass of Guinness beer the day I visited the storehouse was the best glass of beer I ever consumed in my lifetime. The perk to taking a tour is a free glass of the freshest made Guinness you'll get in all of Ireland and this fabulous beer is made with only a few ingredients; barley, hops, yeast, and water.

When you've had your fill of beer crossover the other side of Dublin to the Dublin Castle. This beautiful castle is gorgeous inside and outside. Highlights of Dublin Castle consist of the Chapel Room, Powder Tower, and the State Apartments. Website www.dublincastle.ie  The Queen of Tarts tea cafe & shop is a glorious place to sip tea and have a light lunch. Next, spend a couple of hours walking along Abbey Street, Henry Street, and O'Connell Street. Complete your two days in Dublin with a Riverdance concert, www.riverdance.com

Adrianna's Recommendations:


Dublin Walking Tours www.dublintours.net
SANDEMANs New Europe Dublin (free walking tours) www.newdublintours.com


St Stephen's (A relaxing park in the heart of Dublin)


Budget Hostels:

Isaacs Hostel, Frenchmans Lane, Dublin IRELAND
Kinlay House Hostel, Lord Edward Street, Dublin, IRELAND
Paddy's Palace, Beresford Street, Dublin, IRELAND

Bed & Breakfast (Irish Style)

Abberley House, Upper Saint Columbas Road, Dublin, IRELAND
Clifden Guesthouse Bed & Breakfast, Gardiner Place, Dublin IRELAND
Oaklodge Bed & Breakfast, Pembroke Park (Ballsbridge), Dublin, IRELAND


Queen of Tarts, Cork Hill Dame Street, Dublin, IRELAND
The perfect place for a pot of tea and yummy desserts


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