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Dublin in two days!

A trip to the Emerald Isle isn't complete without spending a couple days with the Dubs in Dublin. IRELAND'S biggest city is one of the most popular cities in Western Europe. This is where you'll find warm hearted people, cozy pubs, pedestrian friendly streets, interesting sights, and some of the best written literature by Dubliners.

Lodging options in Dublin range from expensive hotels to budget hostels and finding a place to rest the weary soul is as easy as counting to ten. Dublin has a bountiful supply of bed & breakfasts and spending a night or two at one of them will provide you with a restful sleep and a delicious authentic Irish breakfast. Check out my recommendations for lodging on the bottom page.

On Day 1 a walk along the Liffey River is a fun way to zig zag through various Dublin neighborhoods and absorb the sights. When I was walking along the Liffey River a few years ago I heard screams of "Help, Help, Help." A man had fallen into the river and was…

Irish Isle; Ireland

Ireland is known the world over for its castles, cliffs, dramatic landscapes, enchanting sea,  friendly people, Irish folk music, and pubs. This is the country where cycling and walking are a joy and where cows can be found grazing the verdant grass in every region. It's in Ireland where folks gather at the local pub and drink pints of beer while listening to live musicians and where Irish soda bread dabbed with pure Irish butter is real comfort food.

WIth Saint Patrick's Day being a big celebration in March the color of green seems to appear in all kinds of places across the globe along with Guinness beer and Irish cheese. A lot of wonderful things come from Ireland and that's why thousands of people flock to this small country (an island) to experience a country that still remains a bit remote in places and yet progresses with each day to keep up with the high tech 21st century, So between the family run farms in the serene countryside to the bustling streets of Dublin w…

Incredible India (Northern India)

With so much to see in INDIA it can takes weeks/months to explore all the wonders that incredible INDIA has to offer. Some people prefer to race through INDIA stopping a day here and a day there to see this and that while others prefer to take a more meditative approach and really soak in one region at a time exploring at a slow pace.

After exploring southern INDIA head North towards Mumbai. Mumbai is the borderline city between North and South India and sits on the southern tip of INDIA. Mumbai is a mix of rich moguls, colonial relics, poverty, fashion, ancient bazaars, and glistening skyscrapers. While in Mumbai shop the ancient bazaars and view some of the best temple carvings in all of India on Elephant Island. Just 9 km northeast of the Gateway of India in the Mumbai Harbor, Elephant Island attracts visitors to the main Shiva temple a latticework of courtyards, halls, pillars, shrines and a triple-headed sculpture of Shiva. The temples on Elephant Island were created between AD …

Incredible India (Interesting Facts)

Before and after receiving my yoga teacher's training I felt very connected to the culture and life of INDIA. I'm very drawn to the people of INDIA as well as to their spirituality. I plan on doing more charity work in INDIA in the future. There's a lot of incredible facts about INDIA I'd like to share:

India takes up a lot of space on the continent of Asia. It touches Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Nepal, and Pakistan on the northern side. Over on the southern side of India is the nearby small island country of Sri Lanka.

India's most important river is the 1,500 mile long Ganges River. It starts in the Himalayas and goes across the plains of Northern India eventually emptying into the Bay of Bengal. Many Indians bath in the Ganges River to wash their bodies and cleanse their spirits.

India's oldest group of people are the Adivasi. They still follow their own customs.

India's main languages are English and Hindi.

India became independent as two states in 1947; main…

Incredible India (Southern India)

I  N  C  R  E  D  I  B  L  E       I  N  D  I  A

If you're looking to experience an old third world country known for delicious cuisine, holy temples, enormous elephants, high mountain peaks, swaying palms on coastal waters, roaming cows, tea plantations, yoga ashrams, and world class film making INDIA is the place to go.

INDIA'S landscape is quite diverse and large that's why is best to divide time between South India and North India. Whether traveling by car, plane, or train INDIA is an exotic country filled with history and natural wonders. 

Southern India has a lot to offer and there's no better place to begin a journey through India then in Kerala and its backwaters. With the Arabian Sea to the west and Western Ghats to the east plus a network of 44 rivers, Kerala is surrounded by water practically everywhere. Kerala is blessed with a nice climate, a long shoreline, beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and tropical forests.

Kerala is a state located in the south-west r…