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A L B E R T A           A L B E R T A

The Prince of Wales Hotel is a stunner and a relaxing place for afternoon tea.

When I lost my job in New York City I couldn't stop thinking about Montana. I had worked at Glacier National Park in Montana during my college years and now unemployed I was yearning for the awesome Rockies and so I did it, I left New York City and headed to Montana to work at Many Glacier Hotel in Montana on the border of Alberta, Canada and that's how I got to know a bit about Alberta.

                                          GLORIOUS ALBERTA, CANADA


Waterton Lakes National Park in the southwestern corner of Alberta (close to Montana) has lots of hiking trails and wildlife. The Prince of Wales Hotel is a must for a taste of England. They serve an excellent afternoon tea. Enjoy the views of Waterton lake while sipping on tea and eating luscious pastries served by an impeccable staff.

The town of Waterton is very charming. There's camping here as well as shops and restaurants and you can take a boat ride on the lake. I played a game of baseball here; it was the Americans against the Canadians. (The Canadians won)

The city of Calgary is a thriving city and home to the stampede. People drive many kilometers (miles) to take part in the annual stampede that takes place in July.
Banff is a beautiful town and one of the most photographed in Canada. People love Banff National Park and it's one of Canada's top treasures.

Jasper National Park is Canada's largest mountain park and an outdoor's paradise.

There's lots of oil in Alberta and sometimes residents feel like they should have their own country. There's lots of wealth in this province.

Lake Louise is pure bliss. It's the kind of place you never want to leave behind. The deep green waters that make up the 35 mile Lake Louise with its snow capped mountains are picture postcard perfect. 

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is one of the best loved hotels in North America but beauty like this comes at a price so a stay here is very expensive. (I admired the place from afar).

Europe has the Alps, India has the Himalayas, but Canada has the Rockies and the Canadians are proud of those mountain peaks.

ALBERTA is the province of amazing outdoor magic. This is where to come for the best camping, hiking, swimming, and wildlife viewing. The fresh air, the smell of pine trees, and a feeling of serenity is what brings thousands of visitors to the Canadian Rockies every year.

I'm glad I followed my heart and headed to Glacier National Park to work for a season because it gave me a chance to visit ALBERTA a few times and those memories will be etched in my mind until I die.

And so this ends my blogging on Canada. I'm sorry I didn't cover all the provinces but Canada is huge. The world is huge too so I'd like to move on to another country very soon and share more of TRAVEL WORLD.

Thanks and I'll be back again in the near future!

Adrianna (Travel World)


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