Wild and Wonderful Alaska

Alaska is a massive state so massive that if it were its own country it would be the seventh largest country in the world. Alaska's beauty is unsurpassed and it's diversity comes in first place. Alaska
is the land of glaciers, forests, tundra, mountains and sea as well as a haven for wildlife. Alaska
is America's gem.

With a wander lust for exploring America I was thrilled when the opportunity came to make a trip to
Alaska. For a whole month I left the busy streets of Manhattan, New York where I lived and worked and immersed myself in a true Alaskan wilderness experience by camping in a tent. My trip started
in Alaska's biggest city Anchorage where about 40% of Alaskans live. 

Anchorage is one of the only cities in America where cosmopolitan vs outdoors comes so close
together. Within a short distance of corporate buildings and busy streets one can easily get onto the
Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and spot some bears. The museums, shops, and restaurants of Anchorage are within close proximity of beautiful Chugach National Forest with it's abundant supply of trails for
outdoor enthusiasts. Anchorage is indeed a good starting point for those seeking the beginning of an
Alaskan travel experience.

There are many ways to explore Alaska; some choose a cruise, others count on planes and trains to get
around and then there are those that are happy exploring as much of Alaska as they can in their own vehicle. I chose to explore Alaska with a camping group and I'm glad I did because I really got to get
up close and personal with Alaska's brilliant wilderness. My camping peers loved adventure. We didn't mind roughing it from time to time like going a few days without a shower, getting drenched by heavy rain showers in our small tents in the middle of nowhere and having a limited supply of
food to eat. This actually was all part of the fun.

There are some residents of Alaska that rarely venture to a city or town. One native Alaskan I met during my Alaskan travels loved remote living so much that he dreaded going to a town 100 miles away from him to shop for food supplies once a month. He told met the largest place he ever visited in his lifetime was Fairbanks and that to him was too big. (That's Alaska for you)

So where in Alaska would you like to visit?

Barrow located in the Arctic is the most northern mainland town in all of North America lying on the Arctic Ocean. It's home to polar bear and whales who enjoy the extremely cold temperatures. 

Denali National Park is a treasure for spotting wildlife. Many visitors choose to take the shuttle bus that goes through the park. Seats on the left side are the best for viewing animals and binoculars are highly recommended for seeing caribou, grizzly bears, moose, sheep and other Denali National Park wildlife.Within the 6 million acres of Denali National Park sits the majestic high and mighty Mount McKinley. Rising to 20,320 feet Mount McKinley is North America's highest mountain and a challenging mountain to hike.

Kenai Peninsula is the place to fish, see glaciers and marvel at the gorgeous fjords.
The little town of Homer with its artsy community is a great base to sea kayak among islands,
visit museums, and eat fresh fish. Over in Seward there's the Alaska Sea Life Center home to marine animals. Here you can fish for halibut and salmon on a charter boat and take pictures of cute sea otters.
Kenai Fjords National Park sits on 670,000 acres where blades of glaciers fall into the sea. It's where mountains meet the ocean and wildlife enjoys sea life. The extraordinary beauty of Kenai Fjords National Park is the kind of place that leaves a footprint in the minds of those that are fortunate enough to bask in its wonders.

Kodiak Island is a huge island with an influx of Alaska Native and Russian American culture.
During salmon spawning season a multitude of bears appear to catch and eat their favorite food of
Alaskan salmon. If fishing and kayaking are your passions Kodiak Island is the place to be.

With 424,491,520 acres to boast Alaska is the kind of state that can takes months to see. Known as
"The Last Frontier" Alaska's beauty and diversity will forever make it wild and wonderful. So book
a trip to Alaska for a travel experience you'll never forget.

                                                           When in Alaska:

Take a train ride on the Alaskan Railroad

Eat some wild Alaskan salmon (absolutely delicious)

Book a dog sled tour and get to know Alaska's magnificent dogs

Plan some outdoor activities

Adrianna (Travel World)


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