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Amazing Austria (My favorite things)


                              I loved working in Austria. What a magnificent experience!


Don't miss Schwarzsee lake in Kitzbuhel for a refreshing swim. Set against a wooded forest with walking trails Schwarszsee meaning (black lake) in German attracts locals and tourists for a picture perfect place to spend a few hours swimming and relaxing on the grassy shores. I often rode my bicycle here during my work breaks and swam in this splendid lake alongside ducks. This popular lake offers diving boards, slides, a children's playground, boat rentals, restaurants for dining and sweeping views of the Alps. The national Austrian railroad passes through Schwarzee daily with passengers coming from Innsbruck and Salzburg.

Swimming in any of Austria's stunning lakes. Some popular lakes include Hintersteiner, Mondsee, and Faakersee.

The Sound of Music Tour (on your own) is a better way to enjoy the film location shots without rushing…

Amazing Austria

A   U   S   T  R  I  A

Beautiful "Hallstatt" is the most photographed village in all of  Austria!

Austria with its stunning alpine scenery and hospitable people never seems to disappoint its visitors.This is the land of apple strudel, hand crafted cuckoo clocks, vast mountain peaks, countless sparkling, lakes, charming villages nestled in valley bottoms, lush meadows with wildflowers, and immaculate cleanliness. Whether its visiting the magnificent cultural city of Vienna and attending an opera, learning the waltz, basking on the shores of Bondensee (Lake Constance), enjoying the music festivals in Salzburg, hiking or skiing the famous Alps of Tyrol, or riding a train through the spectacular scenery, Austria is the kind of place that's hard to leave.

Austria is the most mountainous country in Europe and extremely popular with hikers and skiers. People from around the world come to hike it's glorious trails and ski the incredible slopes in ski towns such as Soll, Seefeld…


Traveling awakens the senses and opens the mind to an amazing world of adventure, diversity, and cultural immersion.

There's seven continents and almost two hundred countries to explore. Where on earth do you want to go?

I hope you can visit all the countries you wish to the most and that your travels will keep you happy and fulfilled.

Happy Travels!