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O Canada (Ontario)


Canada's National Anthem

O Canada ! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise. The True North strong and free, from far and wide.

O Canada we stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada we stand on guard for thee, O Canada we stand on guard for thee!

C A N A D A!    C A N A D A!   C A N A D A!    C A N A D A!    C A N A D A!

The second largest country in the world has a bit of everything on its broad landscape; cosmopolitan cities, open prairies, snow capped mountains, provincial parks, islands, coastal beaches and farms just to name a few. The Canadians like their hockey teams, stampedes, museums, ski resorts, and are proud of one of their great wonders of the world known as "Niagara Falls." O yes Canada is a mighty special place.

Canada is huge. It consists of ten provinces and two territories. If you view a map of Canada you would see the following on it; Northwest…

Cambodia at a quick glance


W H E R E 'S   C A M B O D I A?

Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia bordered by Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Getting to know about the country of Cambodia:

Cambodia is 181,035 square kilometers. It's population is 14,305.183.

The official language is Khmer and most Cambodians are Buddhist.

Riel is the currency used in Cambodia.

Cambodia's cuisine is one of the oldest living cuisines in the world and Cambodians eat more rice than any other people in the world.

The choice of rice dishes range from rice noodle soup to deep fried rice cakes.

Cambodia's geographical region consists of Cardamom/Elephant Mountains, Eastern Cambodia, MeKong Lowlands, Central Plains, and North-western Cambodia.

The Tonie Sap is the largest freshwater lake in all of Southeast Asia.

One of Cambodia's top attractions are the majestic temples of Angkor.

A unique place to spend a few hours is the floating village of Kampong Phloek.


The Belgium Experience

                      B   E   L   G   I   U   M

B E L G I U M               B E L G I U M        B E L G I U M           B E L G I U M

When I think of Belgium I think most of all of my Belgium friend Philip who invited me to visit him a few months after we met in Alaska. After landing in Amsterdam on a trans Atlantic flight I took a train into Antwerp and met Philip at a cafe where we drank trappist beers and talked about Belgium.

Philip gave me a grand tour of his country during my nine day visit. From the moment we met in Antwerp to our farewell in Brussels I couldn't have asked for a better tour guide than wonderful Philip.

If you ever find yourself in Belgium you won't be disappointed. I'm here to share all the great things to do in Belgium a small country known for producing the best tasting chocolate in the world.

Belgian Chocolates 

Mmmmmmh chocolate chocolate everywhere and all of it tastes so delicious. It's no wonder that Belgians make chocolate a daily indulgence.…

Believe in BELIZE

Adrianna in Beautiful "Belize"


The weather in the midwest is cloudy and cold. The days are damp, dark, and short. Where are the blue skies and sunshine? Well I believe, they're in BELIZE.


Gentle ocean breezes, lush landscapes, pristine rainforests, tropical jungles and perfect sunsets combined with a year round warm climate are just some of the great things that make Central America's BELIZE a popular vacation destination for everyone from celebrities to school teachers. This lovely country in the heart of Central America has the following regions; Northern, Central, Western, Southern, and the Islands. Each region has it own distinct character.

Belize City is the largest city in Belize with a population of about 80,000. Located at the mouth of the Belize River on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, Belize City is the hub for transportation. Most flights from around the world land in Belize City as do the vast amount of cruise sh…

Australia (The Land Down Under)

Over 60,000 years ago the Aboriginal people discovered an island that brought them much fulfillment. This land down under was their home for centuries until 1788 when the British began colonizing it as a land for prisoners. In January of 1788 British citizens consisting of convicts, government officials, and Royal Marines landed at Port Jackson and found a new nation; AUSTRALIA.

Now in the 21st century Australia consists of a diverse population of 22 million including the Aboriginal people. Together they live in a country that's also a continent with much natural resources.

Australia is divided into seven regions; New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

My time in Australia was spent as a conservation volunteer in New South Wales. A group of us volunteers were based in and around the Bathurst area. Living in a charming residence that was once a train station a small group of us spent several days working on an old ho…

Alluring "ARUBA"

A  R  U  B  A

                                         One of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean

Adrianna in ARUBA

Although our world is now at a population of about 7 billion human beings there's still plenty of places on earth that feel and look like a bit of paradise.
When the daily stresses of work, family, and responsibilities get overwhelming a few days or even weeks on a relaxing Caribbean island can restore the senses 
and make worries seem a million miles away. 

The Caribbean is known for it's abundance of palm trees, pure sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and beautiful islands. Each island has it's own uniqueness and you really can't go wrong with any of the islands that make up the Caribbean.

I never had much opportunity to explore the Caribbean until I started working for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. One of the perks of being an employee with this outstanding company was getting free complimentary nights at almost any Hyatt in the world. I…

Alaska (America's Crown Jewel)

Wild & Wonderful ALASKA

For many years I longed to see Alaska and immerse myself in the great outdoors of America's last frontier. As a New Yorker I was accustomed to life in a concrete jungle where nearly everyone is in a hurry and the hustle and bustle of an exciting city never ends but my heart was longing for big open
spaces where I could roam for miles and not see a single soul except for an occasional deer or moose.
My opportunity to fly from New York City to Anchorage Alaska occurred on a mid June day. Laid off for over a month from a busy Manhattan hotel where I worked as a concierge (due to renovations) I was off to Alaska at long last. (Hooray)
I couldn't have chosen a better time to arrive in Anchorage because in June Alaskans celebrate solstice festivals and 20 hours of daylight. Imagine being able to hike at midnight? (Very Cool)
My first two days were spent smack in Anchorage where I felt right at home. I stayed in a home hostel with other folks from around t…

Wild and Wonderful Alaska

Alaska is a massive state so massive that if it were its own country it would be the seventh largest country in the world. Alaska's beauty is unsurpassed and it's diversity comes in first place. Alaska
is the land of glaciers, forests, tundra, mountains and sea as well as a haven for wildlife. Alaska is America's gem.
With a wander lust for exploring America I was thrilled when the opportunity came to make a trip to Alaska. For a whole month I left the busy streets of Manhattan, New York where I lived and worked and immersed myself in a true Alaskan wilderness experience by camping in a tent. My trip started in Alaska's biggest city Anchorage where about 40% of Alaskans live. 
Anchorage is one of the only cities in America where cosmopolitan vs outdoors comes so close together. Within a short distance of corporate buildings and busy streets one can easily get onto the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and spot some bears. The museums, shops, and restaurants of Anchorage are w…

Amazing Austria (My favorite things)


                              I loved working in Austria. What a magnificent experience!


Don't miss Schwarzsee lake in Kitzbuhel for a refreshing swim. Set against a wooded forest with walking trails Schwarszsee meaning (black lake) in German attracts locals and tourists for a picture perfect place to spend a few hours swimming and relaxing on the grassy shores. I often rode my bicycle here during my work breaks and swam in this splendid lake alongside ducks. This popular lake offers diving boards, slides, a children's playground, boat rentals, restaurants for dining and sweeping views of the Alps. The national Austrian railroad passes through Schwarzee daily with passengers coming from Innsbruck and Salzburg.

Swimming in any of Austria's stunning lakes. Some popular lakes include Hintersteiner, Mondsee, and Faakersee.

The Sound of Music Tour (on your own) is a better way to enjoy the film location shots without rushing…

Amazing Austria

A   U   S   T  R  I  A

Beautiful "Hallstatt" is the most photographed village in all of  Austria!

Austria with its stunning alpine scenery and hospitable people never seems to disappoint its visitors.This is the land of apple strudel, hand crafted cuckoo clocks, vast mountain peaks, countless sparkling, lakes, charming villages nestled in valley bottoms, lush meadows with wildflowers, and immaculate cleanliness. Whether its visiting the magnificent cultural city of Vienna and attending an opera, learning the waltz, basking on the shores of Bondensee (Lake Constance), enjoying the music festivals in Salzburg, hiking or skiing the famous Alps of Tyrol, or riding a train through the spectacular scenery, Austria is the kind of place that's hard to leave.

Austria is the most mountainous country in Europe and extremely popular with hikers and skiers. People from around the world come to hike it's glorious trails and ski the incredible slopes in ski towns such as Soll, Seefeld…


Traveling awakens the senses and opens the mind to an amazing world of adventure, diversity, and cultural immersion.

There's seven continents and almost two hundred countries to explore. Where on earth do you want to go?

I hope you can visit all the countries you wish to the most and that your travels will keep you happy and fulfilled.

Happy Travels!